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how to buy cannabis seeds in australia

Are you looking to grow cannabis seeds in Victoria or Brisbane? You want marijuana seeds that can produce plants that are: Resistant against mold and pests Resistant to extreme heat or a sudden chill If you select cannabis seeds with these inner traits you will find plenty of buds when it comes to harvest.

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Best seeds by strain

We have guides that will help you plan an indoor cannabis garden and an outdoor cannabis garden.

Hybrids can be as low as 50% Sativa 50% off Indica – and everything in between. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the genetic characteristics of hybrid strains. Knowing your parents will help you decide when to start breeding.

A national regulator monitors medical marijuana products for the government from the time they are produced to the point of use. It also helps to limit criminal activity.

This update was based on a suggestion by Malcolm Turnball’s federal cabinet and was supported by main opposition party.

Even if you’re a seasoned lawyer, cannabis laws in Australia can be hard to untangle. Besides the federal legislations, there are local rules on cannabis that differ from state to state – some of which even contradict federal laws! One example is the 2020 decision to legalize possession of the herb in the Australian Capital Territory while the feds still forbid it.

Legislation in 2016 allowed the medical use of cannabis across the country, but the system has so many restrictions and hurdles that qualifying patients often find it easier to simply grow their own medicine. Just like importing cannabis seeds into Australia, cultivating marijuana is forbidden even for personal use – but too many patients ignore these outdated laws.

Best Cannabis Strains for Australia

Haze is one of those cultivars that you need to grow if your climate allows it, but the Cannabis Cup-winning Super Silver Haze by GHS is the absolute champion among the plethora of Hazes out there. This strain’s clear-headed, happy effect purges all worries from your soul, and your body will relax until you’re as happy as a baby. The aroma is a bit challenging to describe unless ‘Haze’ is already in your olfactory library. Let’s just say it’s like no strain you’ve ever smelled – but once you do, you won’t want to go back.

For added peace of mind, Herbies Seeds offers Stealth Shipping as an option. We can remove your seeds from their original packages and put them in a Ziploc bag next to a decoy item. This way, your order will be kept safe from the threat of random customs checks.

Of course, thousands of Australians mail-order cannabis seeds, and they get them safely in the vast majority of cases. So, if you’re biting your nails while you wait for your order to arrive, relax! You’re a little fish in a very big pond, and there’s safety in numbers.

If you want to grow cannabis seeds in Australia — this is the section you need to read.

By purchasing marijuana seeds from a tried-and-true seed bank in Australia, you’ll find weed seeds with:

Issues to Consider When Growing Marijuana Seeds in Australia

Outdoor-grown cannabis buds may also be susceptible to mold, which can ruin a harvest, theft, or being eaten by wild animals. With that being said, most of Australia’s general climate and soil conditions create an excellent environment for growing marijuana. However, doing so will be a much easier undertaking for those who already have experience in the field.

With the Greens Party and many other pro-cannabis supporters, Australia may soon see recreational cannabis laws in the not-too-distant future. Although residents in Australia’s ACT are the only individuals allowed to buy recreational marijuana seeds from in-store and online seed banks — the rest of Australia may follow suit very soon.

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