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how to get a lot of weed for cheap

One con of buying in bulk is that you have to pay more for a single transaction. Still, though, you will save money in the long run. By avoiding additional trips to the local dispensary, you also save on gas money and time, too.

Most of us have our favorite strains. We go to our local dispensary and almost on auto-pilot reach for the same strain every time. One problem with consuming the same strain repeatedly is that over time, your body builds up a tolerance to its effects.

3) Bulk Purchasing

What this essentially means, is that rather than buying an ounce of one strain, you could buy four quarters (of an ounce), instead. If your dispensary allows it, then you could try four quarters of four different strains. As regular cannabis consumers will know, the cost of a quarter varies significantly from strain to strain. A quarter of a low-end strain typically costs approximately $20. However, a quarter of a high-end strain could cost you upwards of $50. By splitting up quantities in this way, you get to save money while trying out new strains.

While this may seem like a necessary evil, you are probably not taking into consideration the additional costs involved. Hidden costs such as time and gas money rarely get factored in by consumers when calculating how much they spend on weed.

If you live close to several different dispensaries, then you’ve more chance of finding a better deal.

Once you've got a destination in mind, know that it really pays to be prepared. Being the sort of person who creates a color-coded Google doc for every long weekend getaway, I was delighted to find that my hours doing research (read: procrastinating on real work) were so well spent. So here are few ways I got the most out of my first trip to a dispensary. Whether you're a seasoned cannabis user just visiting or a local who's checking out your newfound access to cannabis for the first time, this might help you too.

Although I knew there were basically an infinite number of strains out there, I had been under the impression that there were really only two types of weed: the kind that made me drool until I fell asleep and the kind that made me sweat with paranoia. So I was surprised to find myself having such a detailed conversation with my budtender about my vacation plans. Did I want poolside weed or did I want concert weed? Would I be drinking as well? How anxious would I be in a crowd of people? How relaxed is too relaxed for dinner?

Googling around gave me a good sense of what would be near my hotel. There were the classic stoner head shops, a soon-to-open cannabis "supermarket," and a few more boutique options, including the Apothecarium. I'd also suggest checking out Leafly's dispensary finder if you're not sure where to go. Additionally, there are several Vegas-based cannabis businesses founded by people of color to keep in mind, including Nevada Wellness Center, Premium Produce, GFive Cultivation, and Zion Gardens.

Although I've written about cannabis a fair amount over the past several years and have had plenty of first-hand experience with it, I hadn't ever been able to purchase it in a, uh, legit setting. My only previous experience with a dispensary was waiting outside of a somewhat dingy looking one in San Francisco—where medical marijuana has been legal since 1996—for a friend to grab me some of the most potent cookies I'd ever tried. (Seriously, two cookies lasted me the entire summer.) So I was eager to find out what the inside of a dispensary would be like, especially since the legislation in Las Vegas was much more recent than that in California and I imagined a lot had changed.

In addition to the way different strains might affect you, our individual differences may also influence the effects. "We're walking chemistry experiments," Payan says. Plus, the environment you're in, the people you're with, or the other substances you're consuming can also affect your experience. S if you do have previous experiences with cannabis—good or bad—it's helpful to bring those up to your budtender so they can walk you through this kind of conversation. If you don't have any previous experiences with cannabis, bring that up too!

"When people come in and they ask for something, we're really illustrating a spectrum [of experience]," Payan says, "and there are a lot of variations in the spectrum." So whether you're a total newbie or more experienced, thinking about these questions will guide you as you figure out the kind of experience you want in more and more detail.

So, yes, smoking weed has effectively always been legal for me, your basic white lady—even when it wasn't. But the dispensary experience was still something new to me and, I hoped, would help me understand my personal relationship with the plant in a different way.

There are plenty of ways to reduce your monthly spend on weed. Here are a few of the most tried-and-true.

My daily schedule includes smoking in the morning, at lunch, after lunch, after work, before dinner, after dinner, and right before bed — and I smoke blunts and joints every time. Because of this, I smoke about an ounce a week. If that sounds like you, then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know spacing out these sessions would greatly conserve the weed in our jars.

Dispensary deals

Reducing the number of trips to the store will greatly reduce your spend on weed. Here are a few ways to make your weed stretch.

Between the two devices, you can save a lot of weed and money because they essentially only require crumbs. It’s why every stoner that sees someone pull out a dugout responds, “Ahhh, great idea.”

One-hitters and chillums are two of the most underrated cannabis consumption methods out there. One-hitters are little steamrollers that you can fill with a small amount of cannabis and get dumb stoned. Chillums are essentially big one-hitters. They have bigger bowls that you can cherry to stay lit, and truly, just one bowl will get you way high.