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how to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds hydroponically

There are some essentials needed for the autoflowering plants to grow well when using hydroponic methods. These essentials are needed to ensure healthy leaves and bigger yields.

The timer prompts the pump to let the water go up into the tray, and once the time stops, the pump stops pumping water, and the overflow takes all the excess solution back into the reservoir. The timer is set to let the pump go on and off several times on a day. The number of times will depend on the plants’ size and the type and the growing medium used. This works well, whether using Rockwool or lava rocks. Thus, the basic idea of Ebb and flow, it to flood the plants with nutrient solutions and to drain them after a couple of moments.

However, this could be very difficult to do when using the soil. Measuring the exact amount of nutrients found in the soil is difficult, and the plant would take more effort by expanding its root towards where the best nutrients are. Only when the nutrients are dissolved in the soil can the plant absorb it. However, with hydroponics, the water can be a mixture of all the essential nutrients needed at a fair and practical amount. Thus, letting the plants get the best and equal parts of everything. This makes growing autoflowering plants hydroponically an effective and worth a try.

The water

To learn how to grow autoflowering cannabis hydroponically, there are basic set-ups and equipment needed to build to make the perfect hydroponic growing set-up.

There are different systems on how to grow autoflowering cannabis hydroponically. These systems help the plants get their needed nutrients through water. These systems make growing autoflowering cannabis hydroponically effective.

The first system is the Ebb and Flow system. This system is done by temporarily submerging the growing trays with the plants’ nutrient solutions and then draining them after as the water goes back to the reservoir. To help the job, there is a submerged pump inside the reservoir that is connected to the growing tray above.

Planting autoflowering marijuana strains in good and healthy soil is the most effective and the easiest way on how to cultivate marijuana. However, there is also another known way. It is called hydroponics, a technique of cultivating plants without the usual medium, which is the soil. Instead, it used the nutrients found in water. Hence, the name hydro. For a beginner grower, this may sound difficult and challenging to manage. However, there are other growers who choose this for convenience and all other advantages. Learning how to grow autoflowering cannabis hydroponically can also be beneficial to the grower’s autoflowering experiences.

LST is a method that requires bending the stems of the plant so that the light penetrates to the lower parts of the plant. Generally, autoflowers tend to grow one main massive cola while the rest of the plant produces small budlets known as popcorn buds.

Autoflowers don’t give you a lot of time, so it’s critical to plan beforehand. What medium are you going to use? Soilless, soil or hydroponics? What nutrients have you chosen? Have you grown autos before? Have you bought the lights? What about ventilation? Have you set up your grow room?

In particular, full-spectrum LEDs work the best for any type of autoflower. The higher the lumens, the better the yields, but if you cannot afford expensive lighting equipment, CFLs will work well during the vegetative phase.

How to maximize yields in autoflowering plants?

The pH is an important factor in determining the yields of autoflowering cannabis strains. Whether you grow hydroponically or use soil as a medium, pH is critical. Although many growers assume that the plant is suffering from nutrient deficiencies, most issues crop up only due to pH imbalance.

It’s recommended that you start autoflowers in their final containers because they don’t have a lot of spare time to recover when they are transplanted. Transplant shock can seriously stunt the plant and the loss of even a day or two in the vegetative period can affect yields greatly.

If you’re adamant on transplanting, though, make sure that the medium is exactly the same. For instance, if your seedling is growing in a potting mix of coco coir and compost, it should be transplanted to another container containing the exact same mix. Water the seedling container a few hours before transplanting to ensure that the soil is moist. There’s a high risk of hurting the roots when the soil is too dry or wet.

It’s def not how I planned everything out but now I’ve learned from it. It has cost me an additional 3 weeks time needed before chopping and def some bud weight, but I am happy to pay that price for the experience that I have acquired and will be able to apply to my next grow.

I am running some cream caramel autos in an aeroflo36 unit. I have made a few mistakes here and there, like not supplementing cal/mag (especially with using 900W LED. ), too much nutes, air handler went out, and my hanna 98129 has failed me twice so far, requiring replacements both times and being left without a way to measure ec/ppm/ph/water temp.

side note, I popped 36 cream caramel autos in rapid rooters and they were running in aero within 5 days in coco coir cups and hydrotron. Haven’t lost any yet.


oh yea, and what was said regarding the nutes, be easy! I don’t know your level of grow knowledge, but if you don’t already, learn NPK and all of the micro nutes so that you know what they are and how they can work for and against your plant. Screw ups are less forgiving in hydro, I’ve learn first hand, and the whole time I was organizing and prepping my grow I was like "ah, this will be a piece of cake, add this, add that, stabilize, your good." Haha, was I wrong.

A very curious Mad Morph.

If they can, is there any pointers anybody can give me?

Please can anybody tell me if there are any advantages / disadvantages of growing autoflowering strains in a hydroponic sysytem? Reason i ask is i have had 2 successful grows in hydro and have been given some auto seeds (Little Cheese) and want to know do they have to be done in soil, or can i do them in hydro?