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i found weed

The reaction you may have when trying marijuana can vary dramatically based on many factors.   Some people report not feeling anything at all when they smoke marijuana. In other cases, people report feeling relaxed or “high.”

Research also shows that regular use of marijuana is linked to an increased risk of depression, anxiety, and a loss of motivation or drive. You may feel “dopey” on the drug, which is when you begin to lose interest in activities that you might have previously enjoyed or you may lose the ability to grasp concepts easily.

Short-Terms Effects on the Body

There are a number of different things that can happen to you when you smoke weed. In addition to the immediate short-term impact of the substance, smoking pot can also have long-term effects on both your mind and body. These effects can vary from person to person.

Some people who use marijuana report having sudden feelings of anxiety and paranoid thoughts, and this might be caused by trying higher-potency marijuana, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Factors that influence how you respond when you smoke weed include:

In this type of situation, we are sad to report that the years-old marijuana extracted from its final resting place underneath the couch is not going to be much fun to smoke. Old weed is not going to get the user sick or anything, but it will not pack the same punch that it once did. So, if someone in the group identifies the POW (Piece of Weed) as a member of that insane sack of Kentucky homegrown, it probably will not have the strength to get them high this time around.

There was once a time when a shortage of marijuana meant that someone was going to start scraping the resin from every bowl and bong in sight, while others dug behind the living room furniture to try and scrounge up enough spare change to score a joint from the guy across the way. But then, just about the time the couch looks as though it’s getting its annual pelvic exam, someone pulls a bud from the back cracks. “I found something!” they say. “It might be weed!”

Because marijuana is a plant, it is destined to degrade. The herb that once blew everyone’s mind with its aromatic seduction will eventually lose its ability to stink up the room. This happens because the terpene oils dry up and the overall potency of the weed (THC content) deteriorates to a wad of grass that is even less impressive than the Mexican brick weed of the 1980s.

The entire group congregates around the bud to try and figure out 1) exactly which bag the lone nugget may have disappeared from and 2) is the weed still good enough to get them stoned without sending their stunt toker to the emergency room?

But marijuana doesn’t go bad in the same way as, say, a leftover tuna sandwich that has been lingering in the refrigerator for six months. Rather than transform into some foul, Tupperware-contained beast, old weed goes the opposite direction.

I know there's no definitive answer to this, but I wanted to feel it out. Important note – it's legal where I live, so this isn't necessarily that different to finding, say, a package of cigarettes on the ground.

I found a baggie of weed in a well-lit area of the parking lot of a pretty posh convenience store. Just setting the scene to be clear, this didn't happen in a shady back alley. There was nobody around, so I picked it up and kept it. It looks and smells good, but my boyfriend thinks it's "probably" poisoned or laced with something. I think it probably just fell out of someone's pocket or bag as they were getting into their car, and it's fine. He's generally paranoid about stuff, so I feel like I'm fine to try smoking a little bit at home and see what happens. but if I end up in the ER over this, I'm never gonna hear the end of it.