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ilgm mix packs

ILGM includes various strains in the variety packs, so you do not have to struggle to choose a strain, especially if you are new to this. With the variety pack, you will sample multiple strains and decide what works for you best. Some of the seeds included in the variety packs include auto flower, spicy, and fruity.

The seeds are relatively affordable and high-quality. Besides, ILGM has been running for many years, so you are guaranteed that they will deliver when you make a purchase.

Standard seeds have a 50% chance of giving rise to male plants. On the other hand, feminized seeds are bred, so they can only produce female plants. It is worth noting that female cannabis plants are the only ones that produce flowers that can be consumed.


Remember that where you buy your feminized seeds matters a lot. With ILGM, you cannot go wrong. There are multiple reviews from satisfied clients that confirm this.

There are multiple reasons and advantages on why you should buy feminized seeds. As discussed above, you eliminate the chance of having male plants that can pollinate your female plants’ flowers, which will lower their value and quality.

The female plants’ flowers will be filled with seeds when pollination happens, meaning that their value and quality will be lowered. Hence, growers and breeders came up with feminized seeds.

Suppose your delivery does not arrive. They guarantee to send you a new batch at no extra cost. It is essential that when you are purchasing your seeds online, you do so from a reputable seed bank. It is also worth mentioning that ILGM is an international seed bank.

Also, because feminized cannabis seeds are generally costly, ILGM offers them at a cheaper price. It’s just that they order these in bulk from their breeders – and they extend the price benefits of their wholesale purchases to you.

Nevertheless, they offer discreet delivery, and your package is unlikely to be flagged by customs.

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Moreover, the label won’t reflect its contents, and your bank statement won’t reflect the stuff you purchased.

A grow kit, meanwhile, is packed with seeds, fertilizer, and plant protectors – everything you need to grow your seeds. Like mix packs, grow kits are priced competitively. Also, these vary based on your experience level, THC/CBD concentration, and type of weed strain.

ILGM was started for the sole reason to educate folks about growing weed effectively. This explains why the seed bank caters to both beginners and experts in the field.

This helps potential customers find feedback and advice from people who’ve previously grown the same seeds they want to plant quickly and easily. Plus, ILGM provides images of all their strains, which includes pictures from growers who’ve purchased and successfully planted their seeds.

This is another area where the company excels. But note that their phone number will not connect you to their customer support department. Therefore, anyone with any queries should use ILGM’s contact us form and not the phone line. Customers can also contact them via their email

Q: Where does source its seeds from?

Additionally, customers receive a complete grow kit that features this company’s line of plant protectors, food, and seeds. This kit has enough supplies to help people grow 5-10 plants into a full cycle and is suitable for newbies and those looking for low-maintenance plants.

They usually respond within 24 hours during the working week. There’s also a popular forum that can help people recognize and solve any problems they may face during the growing process. Sub-forums for talking about beneficial microbes, hydroponics, soil building, and so on are also available.

San Francisco, CA, April 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (ILGM) promises to sell high-quality seeds that come with a germination guarantee.

  • Prices of seeds are expensive compared to other vendors
  • They don’t ship to the UK or Canada
  • An extra $25 is charged for customers who want to track their shipment