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marijuana equipment

Classic example:

Marijuana plants not only have an optimal temperature to grow…

Every plant has an optimal temperature level at which the maximum level of photosynthesis takes place.

8. pH and PPM Testing Tools

Because pH affects:

But if you go for a DIY light, you will definitely need a way to hang your lights.

And you’ll quickly understand why a PPM-meter is important when growing hydroponically.

But still…even this is 7 times cheaper than buying your marijuana at dispensaries.

Put your medical marijuana production & greenhouse needs in the hands of a company you can trust. With over 35 years of experience and over 300,000 customers, Growers Supply has been a trusted and valued supplier for all growing product needs for commercial marijuana production. We manufacture with the highest-quality materials, and since our greenhouses can be customized to meet any environment, they have been widely used by commercial cannabis growers, who desire more control. Learn more about Growers Supply cannabis growing solutions, today.

Grow tents have premade exhaust vents, internal reflective mylar, and easy-to-use grow light hanging bars in. All you have to do is set the tent up somewhere in your house, install your grow lights and other equipment, and you’ll be growing in no time!

Remember to adjust accordingly if you’re using multiple lights. You’ll have to account for all of the devices you’re using that you have plugged in.

Part 4: Airflow — Exhaust, Intake, Circulation, and Filtration

Recommended Grow Kits:

If you’re new to growing, soil is arguably the best way to go. This is because soil is forgiving, easy to work with, and nutrient rich. In addition, a smaller 2x4ft kit will allow you to grow a few plants so you’re not overwhelmed.

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