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mazar cannabis seeds

Mazar has a really pronounced flavour and aroma, with notes of citrus, pine wood and soil. The typically Indica effect it provides is deeply relaxing.

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Dutch Passion

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Mazar cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion belong to a regular cannabis strain that results from crossing an Afghan and a Skunk. It is a potent and heavy-yielding Indica-dominant hybrid offering a more gentle flavour and more bountiful crops than its predecessor.

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The plants grow well indoors, responding equally well to all popular methods including hydroponics, soil and SOG/ScrOG. They grow to a medium height but are also reasonably compact and easy to light evenly.

THC content reaches very high levels in most specimens, making it exceptionally potent and invigorating.

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Dutch Passion Mazar Feminised represents an improvement of the original – a hybrid cross of Afghani x Skunk – now available as a stable, feminised strain. It gets its name from Mazar i Shariff in Afghanistan – the area of origin for this particular cannabis strain.

20%)</br> One of our personal favourites <p><span style="text-align: left;">In 1999, Mazar placed second in the High Times Cannabis Cup. And a few years later, in 2002 it placed in the High Life Cup. It received these awards for its potency and medicinal value. Although it has a strong potency, you won’t feel totally stuck to the couch, helping you to still function when smoking it. </span></p><p><strong>Want it Feminized?</strong> – <a href="" target="_self">click here</a></p> GBP add-to-cart Yes 8-10 Weeks 19%-22% 400-500g/sm Low Med: 100cm-180cm Indoor & Outdoor supplierCost tags

Since it’s fairly easy to grow Mazar, it’s a good choice for brand new or less experienced growers. If you plan to grow it outdoors, it does thrive in a warmer climate, but given the early harvest in late September, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. This plant can reach medium heights, so be sure to account for this if growing indoors. No matter where you grow it, the harvest can end up in the 400 to 500 grams per M2 range.

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The heavy relaxing stone takes the edge off of stressful days or situations to allow your body to reset and restore. And the Mazar strain potency can provide these effects for hours on end. As a simple to grow plant that leads to large yields, it makes a great addition to any grow space.

Mazar’s effects are hard-hitting, leaving a long and steady buzz because of its high potency. You may feel utterly relaxed, but without getting couch-locked. This is a strain to smoke when you want to lower stress levels, if you’re battling insomnia, or want to reduce your aches and pains. Even with its Indica dominance, there’s still a nice little cerebral high that kicks in for a bit before the deep mellow feelings settle in.