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most popular cannabis seeds

Even though the name implies that this herb has a salty flavor, it is pretty sweet and has a fruity scent. It is claimed to be the most popular variety for users worldwide because it is a cross of several strains.

There are hundreds of different cannabis varieties on the market and you can buy them in bulk quantity, some of which are superior to others. We’ll go over the most popular varieties and their characteristics in this section.

According to users, this is one of the easiest plants to grow, and it requires absolutely no effort on your part. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure the herb has adequate area to develop. It is pretty resistant to most plant diseases, so you won’t have to worry about upkeep.

3. Dark Angel

Just make sure you choose something resistant to fungal plant diseases and will flower sooner. If you need assistance, you can always turn to the pros that work in seed stores.

This plant has a THC content of 15% and is 60 percent Indica and 40 percent Sativa. This means that when you smoke it or take it, you’ll feel cheerful, relaxed, and comfortable. This strain may cause you to become distracted and forgetful, according to users. It is not recommended to concentrate on your work or if you want to feel energized.

Because it is primarily Sativa, you will feel energized, cheerful, and full of energy when you use it. The kind takes slightly longer than two months to fully mature, and the THC content is less than 20%.

It’s made up of three-quarters Indica and one-quarter Sativa, and one herb can yield up to 600 grams of marijuana. The plant takes around three months to grow, and there are two strains available.

And remember, if you can’t decide on a single strain, we won’t judge you for picking all 10.

Keep reading to discover our most popular cannabis strains of 2020. These 10 feminized strains are your most sought-after seeds, each delivering some of the best flavours and yields we have to offer.

If you’re still undecided on what to grow this year, look no further. Let’s jump straight into our most popular feminized cannabis strains of 2020.


Up first is the insanely powerful Royal Gorilla. THC levels of over 25% will leave you surfing the giddy heights of euphoria in no time. And, thanks to RG’s pungent earthy and pine notes, it’s a high you’ll want to savour every moment of.

No matter what kind of cannabis you love, you’ll find the perfect specimen on our list of the most popular feminized strains of 2020. Below, we’ve assembled 10 of our highly sought-after varieties, along with a short description of what makes them a must-have for 2020.

What may come as a massive surprise is that Royal Gorilla’s genetic foundation was not the result of years of meticulous breeding, but the outcome of accidental pollination. All we can say is, while God works in mysterious ways, this time, she outdid herself. With indoor yields of 500–550g/m² and a flowering time of approximately 9–10 weeks, there’ll be plenty of Royal Gorilla to go around.

What seeds to buy? Cannabis seed banks typically categorize the seeds by sex, genetics, breeder, strain name, and plant traits.

Charges made through your bank are discreet and don’t include words like “seed”, “cannabis”, “marijuana”, etc. Contact the seed bank company for a more direct explanation regarding their payment processing.

Crop King Seeds – Marijuana Seed Bank

You can verify a secure connection by looking at the site’s SSL certificate, indicated by a closed padlock in your browser’s address bar. An SSL secure checkout encrypts your payment data, protecting you from online cyber theft while you make a purchase.

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