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next generation cannabis seeds

Looking to buy Next Generation Seed cannabis seeds in Montreal Canada MCS has you covered.
I’m Jason Baker founder and breeder of Next Generation Seed Company. Most people in the cannabis world know me as Jay Generation or Romulan Jay.

I am happy to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of NGSC. Through-out the years a lot of strains have come and gone, laws have come and gone, but the genetics keep getting better! It was 1997 when I started NGSC in Vancouver BC Canada. My work previous to that was as co-founder of Federation Seed Company. Since then alot has changed.

For my first decade of breeding I was primarly focused on strains from British Columbia and western Canada. In those years, I bred in the traditional manner and only produced regular seeds. Our strains became a trusted source in the BC medicinal marijuana community. Several BC cannabis cups were won, and in 2009 Next Generation Seed Company was inducted into the “High Times Magazine, Hall of Fame”. Jorge Cervantes’s first grow videos also featured many of our gardens.

In 2008 NGSC moved to Europe and spent nearly 9 years in Holland and Spain continuing to breed with our Canadian genetics. The time spent in Europe taught us how to produce feminized and autoflower seeds, but more importantly introduced great new genetics. These travels have been a great education/opportunity as a plant breeder to see how our strains performed in different climates/latitudes. In the past 20 years we have heard alot of feedback from people all around the world. This experience makes us very qualified to recommond a strain thats right for you and for your growing environment.

2017 not only marks 20 years in the cannabis breeding industry, but also our return to Canada!

Particularly popular Next Generation cannabis seed strains include Grapefruit Diesel (selected for parents that produced fast flowering, sticky flowers), Island Sweet Skunk (Next Generation’s strongest smelling, most powerful and heavily yielding strain), and Afghani Kush (a beautiful, pure Indica that will always provide you with great medicinal benefits). If you’re looking to get the lowest prices on the market for your Next Generation cannabis seeds, you’re in the right place here at Seed City!

Next Generation Seeds sprouted in 1997 and has built up a reputation as a very reliable source of great quality and unique genetics with over a decade of experience in providing top quality cannabis seeds that are professionally selected and proven within the market. Next Generation Seeds are continually growing, testing and perfecting their strains, breeding with many of the best strains from the Pacific Northwest, Cananda and around the world. Only the best are selected for Next Generation Seeds’ breeding program which ensures you can count on these guys for quality seeds. All of Next Generation Seeds’ genetics and strains are available at Ali Bongo, some have proven to be exceptionally popular such as Grape God and Dynamite.