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non feminized seeds for sale

and in recent years have concentrated our efforts on producing regular only strains in an effort to maintain genetic heritage. It is this commitment to breeding that allows MSNL to offer one of the largest catalogues of regular marijuana seeds.

Slightly shorter, high quality marijuana strains, developed specifically for indoor setups.

The hardier of the cannabis strains, outdoor strains grow tall and produce big yields.

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The connoisseurs choice, offering soaring, cerebral highs and excellent medical qualities.

We offer the bulk of our award winning genetics in both regular and feminized seeds

High quality regular Indica strains, known for their powerful sedative stone.

Despite the rise in advanced, specifically bred female genetics, the popularity of regular cannabis seeds has remained strong amongst enthusiasts. The pure genetics are highly sought by growers looking for greater flexibility in their gardens and increased value for money. Until recent years growers had no choice but use regular seeds however the introduction of feminized seeds has seen many seed breeders neglect the regular strain category.

Comforting and utterly delectable, like a warm cup of mocha on a cold evening.

Just like the full moon over the Hawaiian islands, mysteriously serene and unexpectedly exciting.

The seed-saving potential latent within un-sexed marijuana seeds is definitely something to consider when planning your potential future with cannabis. Having a stash of regular marijuana seeds opens the door to phenotype experimentation. Let’s say you purchase 5 Early Durban Poison Regular seeds and the seedlings grow into 3 female plants and 2 male plants. It’s possible that the 3 females would each express different physical characteristics belonging to their specific phenotype. For example, the hybrid genetics of Early Durban Poison could express Sativa traits in 2 female plants while the other female could display rare Indica traits. That rare Indica trait female could potentially become a mother plant by which more unique seeds could flourish! You could also introduce a new male plant from a different strain to create a combination strain. In fact, ‘Early Durban Poison Reg’ itself is a strain that contains genetics from the two strains ‘Skunk #1’ and ‘Durban Poison’ that combine to create “the espresso of cannabis”! The expertise involved in breeding is a lifelong process of skillfully applied knowledge, but it’s not too late to begin learning, and what better way to begin than to purchase your own supply of un-sexed marijuana seeds!?

Mazar Reg Cannabis Seeds

Let this celestial strain chase all your stress and tension away.

Euphoric and powerfully cerebral, this Sativa strain is a force to be reckoned with.

It will always be one of everyone’s favorites

This strain is an invitation into a temple of tranquility.

Despite the popularity of feminized marijuana seeds, regular seeds are still offered by many breeders. Regular cannabis seeds offer the same genetics at a lower price than their feminized versions and often do a better job of retaining the best features of each parent plant.

Regular cannabis seeds are totally natural marijuana seeds that have not been chemically altered or genetically modified in any way. They are pure genetics, bred from male and female parents and produce approximately 50% male and 50% female offspring.

Buy regular cannabis seeds from Seedsman today including collections from Dutch Passion, Dinafem and DNA Genetics.

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