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one plant one light

Growers often measure yields differently from each other. This can make comparing yields kind of like comparing apples to oranges.

Tips for the Most Accurate Comparison of Weights

At this point you’ve learned that 1 gram/watt is more of a general idea or goal than a concrete measurement of anything, but why not achieve it in your own garden?

If you’re going to try for 1 gram/watt, keep the following things in mind…

How to Actually Achieve the Elusive 1+ Grams/Watt

3.) Choose a High-Yielding Strain

Adding equipment to control the temperature and humidity (like fans, ducting, an AC, a humidifier, dehumidifier, etc) gives growers an edge, but they may also increase your setup and electricity costs.

4 Big Producers in your 4×4 with a 1k. Ya, you should be able to hit 26+oz’s. More when your shit is dialed :).

As far as strain suggestions, unfortunately no, I don’t know what you should run to get the Biggest yield for your space but I do have a nice way to Ballpark it.


This seems like the deal fareal.

i veg all my plants in 2 gal bags..some went into 5 gals. the blz buds did. but last time i grew. i pulled 4 oz per plant roughly. dry. but maybe i didnt get as much as i could have. but i was growing mostly indicas thaat seemed to stay short and bushy.
i have a 400hps a 600hps 3 100hps lamps for side lighting. and also 6 four foot floros. t8s. with these lights its really possible to grow a 30 oz plant? maybe 2 or 3 huge plane way. rather than tpicshe 20 ihave. 2 pounder and a white widow x big bud would probably do awsome in 18 gallon buckets. i cant wait to watch you do this bro. pleas dont fforget to post i

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In a perfect world I would have the whole house blown up. I live in a land of limitations, and I’m grateful I have what I have to work with. I have space, leo, wife issues.

Here’s an overview of what to expect:

During the first few days, open the jar several times for a few minutes. This process airs the buds out and aids the curing process. If you want precision, invest in a hygrometer to test the humidity level of the buds in the jar. Once it is between 60% and 65%, your cannabis is ready for use.

Preparing the Soil

Keep the humidity level between 50% and 70% and the temperature between 65- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. In most cases, your plant will benefit from a high level of nitrogen. It also thrives on potassium and phosphorus, but don’t forget secondary nutrients like calcium and magnesium.

The drying and curing process vastly improves the quality of your cannabis. As you only have a single plant, you should find it easy to prune. We recommend doing this before hanging it to dry. If you proceed with wet pruning, make sure you wear gloves and use sharp scissors. Remove the fan leaves and sugar leaves. Consider using them for edibles rather than throwing them away.

If you don’t get much sunlight in your region, you’ll need stronger indoor lighting. You can use a 250-watt HID light in a dark and enclosed area. However, the fixtures for these are costly. You probably can’t justify the cost of HIDs or LEDs for a single cannabis plant. Unless, of course, this is a trial run, and you plan to cultivate more plants in the future.

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