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When plants are in a natural environment – they decay with bugs, bacteria, fungus etc which allows nourishment on the top soil layer that’s integral for plant growth. It’s how they feed themselves. We have all used non organic nutrients that are chemically derived such as Miracle-Gro before. These will create plants that have sizeable flowers, but if there isn’t a long flush implemented the buds will burn with black ash and you will need to relight them.

The word organic itself means a product that comes from a living organism. If you are growing cannabis organically, this means that you will be growing from sources that are natural, and not with anything synthetic like salt compounds that you would find produced in some laboratory somewhere. Particles that are organic decay and are sometimes in fact the result of decay rather than some of the chemical options that are created to create on a budget. Buying cheap cannabis seeds (these are available through websites such as Discount Cannabis Seeds) doesn’t automatically mean that you will receive a lesser product – it’s just important to know how the plants themselves are grown.

Why Choose Organic?

What is Organic Cannabis?

You can then use compost teas and diluted liquid seaweed, or add high phosphorus bat guano tea when it’s flowering. You don’t have to flush as you get to the end of the process – you can just use a tea that’s a bit milder in the last 2 weeks of the process. There will be some yellowing on the fan leaves which is natural, as this is the nitrogen leaching out of the plant cells.

We stand for nothing less then to provide the Highest Quality Organic Seeds possible. By ensuring the organic quality of our soil using our trademarked True Living Organics methods we ensure the seeds we provide have the best chance for a successful bountiful harvest

We understand the need to keep costs low while maintaining a high quality of standard. We at Kingdom Organic Seeds are determined to keep the cost of our seeds at an affordable price, especially now in these unaffordable markets the cannabis industry is creating for smaller growers


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Taking care of the environment and creating a sustainable economy have always been the two main priorities of Humboldt Seed Organization. We’re a seed bank made of farmers and breeders who have spent years growing in the mountains of California using organic farming techniques that have a smaller environmental impact. This section features all that is to know about organic cannabis cultivation, including topics as diverse as compost, crop rotation, biodiversity, the development of habitats or organic fertilizers. Join the Regenerative Cannabis Movement!