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Original Sensible Seeds Sold me 6 Blueberry Ghost OG & 6 Amnesia Lemon Kush Seeds that were NonViable and Didn’t Germinate. Out of 14 Seeds I got 1 of each plant..I asked nicely for Replacements and their reply was,"We don’t sell seeds to grow,We sell souvenirs only. All this after making Multiple Orders and spending hard earned Cash.

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guest Sweden, January 2019

Well I gave these dirt bags months to make it right, but, after they had no problem charging my card for $192.00 . my order status from march 22 untill early May, said:prosessing order (for a month and a half) then in May , my order status said:Cancelled!? I then e-mailed them and their response was that they were going to have my money put back on my card , but, it could take as long as 90 days . ( I s#!# you not)!! And they said"" is there anything else we can help you with?) WOW. After emailing thoes bastard thieves 100s of times ..their response were the same. I told them to make it right somehow! Just send me some gear $192.00 they owe me but, i said just at least do somthing for screwing me out of almost $200.00 THESE BASTARDS ARE THIEVES. BELIEVE ME THEY STOLE MY HARD EARNED MONEY RAN MY CARD FOR 192.00 IN MARCH 2017 ITS NOW JANUARY 2018.I am more than reasonable and patient. OriginalSensiableSeeds RIPPED ME OFF!! PUNK LIERS. JUST TO LET YOU ALL KNOW. ReBoMaN

Second time I order from OSS. This time delivery took a little longer but it was Christmas time, so that was expected.
Nice stelth and some extra seeds in the bag.


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Feminized cannabis seeds means that you will be getting all female plants, which unless you plan on creating your own seeds is 100% what you want! Buying feminized marijuana strains means you don't have to wait until flowering time to see whether or not you have female or male plants and you can be confident from the seeds you germinate will be the seeds you flower and harvest. Easy to grow indoor, outdoor and greenhouse and available in High THC and CBD varieties.

General legal notice: Check your country's law regarding seeds, paraphernalia and other products related with Cannabis culture, thank you.