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outdoor cannabis seeds for sale

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Popular Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Choose the right outdoor seed strain from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds , choose your start medium, keep in a dark, moist place and once the seeds break and tendril surfaces, expose to enough light (up to 18hrs), after a few weeks, transplant to growing medium.

Regular Price: (US) $ 385.00

Regular Price: (US) $ 277.00

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Looking to Buy Outdoor Cannabis Seeds. Many Cannabis Farmers have been cultivating cannabis with the original outdoor method. Many believe in pure organic feed, and a realistic climate for those bless with the perfect location. Also outdoor cannabis plants are known for how tall or bushy they can be. Pests can also be an issue but to an experience farmer nothing is impossible. Literally sky’s the limit.

Official distributor to some of the worlds most prestigious cannabis breeders.

After you’ve followed these tips, you’re sure to enjoy a bountiful harvest. It’s important to pick the crop at the right time, as harvesting too early or too late will compromise the quality of the buds.

One of our most popular strains, this fem selection offers a high yield, a fantastic flavor, and a THC content of 20% or more.

Mysterious, elusive, potent. A weed that goes beyond human understanding.

Why Choose Outdoor Weed Seeds?

Patchwork genetics produce a stimulating Sativa capable of skyrocketing thoughts and actions into the most spectacular of realms!

If you’ve ever bought low-quality weed, you know how frustrating it is to find seeds—but you may not know much about them. Here are a couple of interesting facts about outdoor cannabis seeds.

AK-47 delivers an energetic and uplifted cerebral-buzz that also can bring on alertness, creative and social enhancements and a general feeling of euphoria.

When they choose outdoor weed seeds USA growers need to be careful about where they put their crops. First, check the legality of growing cannabis. While marijuana cultivation remains federally illegal, many states have legalized growing pot for personal use. Even where it’s legal, most states have strict laws regarding how many plants growers can have in veg and in bud, where they can be grown, and whether it’s even OK to have an outdoor cannabis garden.