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outdoor cannabis seeds usa

While the outdoor is a great place for weed farming, not all seed strains can survive the harsh weather realities.

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Farming cannabis outdoors should be a breeze. You would find some of the finest and best cannabis outdoor seeds, right here at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. If you have questions about the right outdoor seeds for you, you can use our grow guide to help you find the right mix.

What are outdoor cannabis seeds?

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We are one of the world’s leading cannabis seed banks and we offer to clients around the world and the USA, expertly curated seeds that cuts across all strain types, desires and grows expectations.

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Though it is possible to produce a healthy, bountiful marijuana crop inside, the great outdoors is the best environment for growing. When you grow cannabis outside, Mother Nature typically provides everything the plants need in just the right amounts to help them flourish. Of course, you will still need to monitor your crop in case it needs a little human intervention from time to time.

Each cannabis cultivation method has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Indoor weed seed growers have complete control over their plants’ growing environments. It doesn’t matter if you live in California or Wyoming, since the indoor climate can be kept consistent. They have the freedom to regulate the amounts of heat, light, air, water and nutrients their plants receive to improve the size and quality of their yields. Hydroponic farming techniques use far less water and other resources, so they are better for the environment.

Although water, light, heat, air and nutrients are necessary for cultivating healthy cannabis crops, they are not the only elements to consider. Privacy is also a major concern. If your marijuana plants are out in the open where they are most likely to receive plenty of sunlight, water and air, they are also more exposed to prying eyes. This could leave you vulnerable to crop theft and property destruction to name a few potential hazards.

Keeping Your Marijuana Crop Safe

All that being said, growing marijuana indoors takes quite a bit more time, effort and care than outdoor cultivation. Plants raised inside depend on you for all the elements they need to thrive. You are responsible for providing nutrient-rich soil, adding water as needed, controlling the amount and intensity of light the pot plants receive, and regulating temperature and air quality among other aspects. That is a lot to take on especially for first-time growers.

On top of all those other factors, setting aside the right amount of space is crucial for a home cannabis garden. When scouring the internet for information on this topic, you will find a variety of opinions. In general, marijuana seeds need to be planted about three feet apart. This will ensure they have plenty of room to spread out and breathe once they begin growing.

As marijuana becomes more widely accepted across the nation, more people are choosing to grow their own stockpiles of this diverse and versatile plant. Doing so allows them the freedom to take advantage of all cannabis’ benefits. It also gives them a better selection and more control over the potency and quality of their buds to name a few advantages. Of course, being able to reap the full benefits of marijuana requires first finding the perfect place to grow your American cannabis seeds.

Also keep in mind there are limits and regulations regarding how many plants you’re legally allowed to grow and what you can do with them following harvest. In North Dakota, for example, you can only grow with a medicinal license if you live more than 40 miles from a dispensary. If you want to just grow for recreational purposes, you are going to have to keep your plants relatively covert.

Not much needs to be said about OG Kush, one of the most iconic cannabis strains of all time. This super dank specimen, a 75% indica, is just ideal to grow outdoors under the sun. Here, a single plant can yield 500 grams in a short 8 weeks of flowering. Once you can finally set her buds ablaze, you will enjoy delicious citrus, pine, and fruit flavours. Her extremely relaxing indica effect makes OG Kush the perfect nighttime strain for chilling and watching movies.

Sour Diesel is another legendary cannabis strain that any “serious” cultivator shouldn’t miss out on growing. With roots in sunny California, she’s well adapted to dry and sunny climates. Here, the plant can grow to its full potential. This 70% sativa can reach a height of 2m and flowers over 10–11 weeks. Despite the slightly prolonged flowering period, she can provide an epic yield of up to 600g/plant. Among her highlights is her trademark fuel-like aroma and taste, which is highly sought-after by cannabis enthusiasts. She provides a relaxing but clear high.

Genetics hold the key to your cannabis seeds’ potential and that’s a fact. No matter what miracle nutrient formulation you apply or how perfectly you maintain the garden, results will be genetics-driven. If you start with bunko beans, don’t expect huge yields of high-grade. Only by carefully choosing high-quality, feminized seeds can the cannabis grower avoid the low-ceiling limitations of weak genetics. Outdoor cannabis cultivation requires an even more rigorous selection process.

OG Kush

Quick One is one of the first market-ready autoflowering cannabis varieties, and was once one of the fastest strains you could grow. She is still blazingly fast, taking only 8–9 weeks from seed to harvest, which makes her an excellent choice for those with a short summer season. This compact plant won’t get taller than 50–60cm, yet will reward you with a decent yield of up to 150g/plant. She may not be the most potent cannabis, but 13% THC still produces a very relaxing stone. She has a fresh, herbal, and citrusy aroma and a pleasantly mild taste.

Northern European growers from the west coast of Ireland to eastern Poland need to go with cannabis strains that can survive in less-than-perfect conditions

These days, the vast majority of cannabis strains on the market have been specifically adapted and bred for indoor cultivation. Sure, in theory, any weed can grow anywhere. But in practice, this is absolutely not the case with all cannabis varieties. Most marijuana will thrive in a sunny southern climate. However, plenty of outstanding, hardy strains can be cultivated in cooler, northern latitudes.

Our Royal Haze Auto brings simplicity to the Haze family! Being an autoflower, she does away with a major inconvenience that growers encounter with photoperiod Hazes—their long flowering time. Instead, Royal Haze Auto moves from seed to harvest in a short 10–12 weeks. She is also a great choice if you want to harvest several Haze crops over one summer season—something you can’t accomplish with photoperiod strains. Get ready for a great smoke with citrus and herbal flavours and a cerebral, uplifting Haze high.