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Feminized Mix Marijuana Seeds is a pack of only the most potent feminized cannabis strains available. If you can’t decide on what strain you want to grow, this Feminized Mix is your best choice. These strains are easy to grow, with high germination rates. You can start germinating your seeds immediately as soon as you get home.

Feminized strains are the easiest to grow. You don’t need to wait for the flowering phase to identify male plants in your garden. You can confidently grow just the number of plants you need with no more compensating for male plants. And because you don’t have any males in the pack, you can forget about separating plants and worrying about rouge males and accidental pollination.

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With this mix pack, you don’t need to tire yourself out in choosing the best fem strains. Our seeds come from our network of quality breeders from Spain, Canada, and the Netherlands, and thus, you can be sure of your plants’ potency, viability, and great taste.

Our Feminized Mix pack can be grown indoors or outdoors, but we recommend a safe and secure indoor growing area. This is a mix of seeds with indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. We just want to give you the best-feminized seeds in our library! You will love our selection of fem seeds because you can get THC content from as low as 12.1% to 27.15%! You won’t find any mixed feminized seeds variety with this much potency!

With so many awesome feminized marijuana strains in the market, which one should you grow? Don’t worry because we got your back with our favorite Feminized Mix pack. This is a pack of randomly hand-picked, unlabelled, top-quality feminized cannabis strains from our product line that will give you the best yields and ease when it comes to growing.

Here in Seed City we have the largest range of pick n mix single cannabis seeds online , or the largest selection anywhere for that matter!

We know that most customers want the ability to buy from a large range of single seeds . this way they can have the most varied seed collection possible! When you look at the pick and mix single seed sections of many other seed retailers, you will notice; that not only do they have a limited number of breeders to choose from, but they also only stock a limited number of strains from those breeders. This considerably narrows down your options for selecting single pick & mix seeds , and therefore narrows down the genetic variation available for your seed collection.

Here in Seed City we believe customers should have as much choice as possible when buying single seeds . This is why in Seed City we have the single seeds of over 180 different breeders available to you!! Making a total of nearly 4000 different strains to choose from as pick n mix single seeds !

Many other seed retailers may carry a small selection of breeders on their site, or in their shop, but the truth is they do not take the time and effort it takes to stock all of these different single seed varieties. Not to mention the costs incurred when making such a large number of seeds available for purchase as single pick and mix seeds .

This is an article about Seed City’s Pick & Mix Single Seed Centre ! And why you should buy your single seeds from us!

Whether or not you decide to give the team at Seed City a try we hope you enjoy our Seed Selector and if you should choose to use our service we would like to provide you with a 10% coupon code to get you started!

UPDATE – 27th July 2020 – Pick and Mix Seeds have now re-appeared online under new ownership and can be found here –!

The World’s Largest Cannabis Seeds Store

Pick and Mix Seeds was a website selling cannabis seeds and was based in the United Kingdom with a PO Box address registered in Sheffield. Pick and Mix Seeds ran until January of 2017 but appears now to have been shut down. It is always a shame to see such an established business shut down and disappear and so we have decided to include some information about their service here for posterity.

UPDATE – 19th October 2018 – Pick and Mix Seeds have still shown no signs of a return to the world of cannabis seed retail and there isn’t much information online about why they are no longer with us. In the mean time you can find a large selection of the best single cannabis seeds right here in Seed City!

A little about Pick and Mix Seeds from their website while it was still online:

Pick and Mix Seeds started on 6th February 2008. Pick n Mix Seeds appears to have accepted various payment methods including credit card, bitcoin and cash. They offered a large range of single seeds on the entirety of their 4,400 + seed catalogue, offered free delivery on all orders over 100 GBP and also guaranteed the safe delivery of your seeds. Pick and Mix Seeds also offered discounts on orders over 200 GBP as long as you emailed them to arrange it before the order.