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pictures of cannabis seeds

Cannabis Pictures is the Photo Gallery of the CannabiSide web portal with the best shots: a constantly growing and constantly updated space, dedicated entirely to the best photographs of the Legal Cannabis Products, of our productions, of the Sales Points and H24 Affiliates with the CannabiSide brand, Events, Inaugurations, fairs, heartiness and much more etc. Another way to tell us about ourselves and keep you up to date with the latest news from CannabiSide.

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Ti consigliamo di aggiornarlo per vivere una migliore esperienza sul web.

Ti consigliamo di aggiornarlo per vivere una migliore esperienza sul web.

We create the seeds, you grow the best plants. You nourish, feed and care for the genetics we create until they grow up. Fortunately, thanks to Instagram, we can all behold how an HSO cannabis seed becomes a full, vigorous, plant full of leafy buds if it receives the care it needs. Here we present some of the images drawing the most comments at @humboldtseeds. These are the crops with which you dazzled all the members of the HSO Team. Thank you for sharing your flowers with us!

In this post we feature some of the most successful photos and comments HSO’s Instagram account: images of cannabis plants, buds and crops that have received the most “likes.” We work to offer you the best genetics, but we wouldn’t know what the end results looked like if it were not for the cannabis portraits you send us.

The magic white powder of Mango Sapphire

The Blue Dream by @growergaz seduced us with its sturdy branches and compact buds. Long, firm and tough flowers that delight the senses. This already-pruned flower suggests the intense sensation it will deliver in our mouths. It’s bound to pack a potent and surprising flavour, dominated by tinges of lemon, pine, incense, sweet fruit, and Haze. After the explosion on the palate, a powerful and lasting effect follows, producing a clear and stimulating sensation that goes straight to the brain.

Seeing this image, we were transported to a tropical dimension. Even though this is a 100% California plant, these mysterious colours and enigmatic shapes took us to exotic places. Doesn’t this Black Dog look like a creature straight out of some distant universe? The magic of this specific plant probably has everything to do with the great experience of its grower. We know that when @biovortex is growing, the quality of the plant multiplies. Might the same be true of the relaxation it induces? We’d like to think so.

These photos faithfully reflect why Blue Dream is one of HSO’s bestsellers. Let us recall that its parents are the amazing Blueberry and a selected Haze. The fruit of this fusion is a splendid cannabis plant that oozes quality and produces huge buds, swathed in a subtle and delicious aroma. This is surely why we all want to get our hands on that powerful resin, just like @iron_headsgarden in this image. Isn’t it amazing how he managed to get the best out of this Sativa strain and transport us to his sticky green world?

Cannabis medicine capsules, hemp oil and seeds and green plant in honeycomb jars on white background

Doctor scientist in sativa cannabis plant farm research for safe using thc medications treatment in hospital.

Cannabis oil, cbd oil cannabis extract, medical cannabis concept.

Coffee beans are poured out of the bag on the sackcloth floor and a hemp top is laid

Cannabis honey in a bowl with wooden deeper, hemp leawes amd seeds on wooden table.