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planting cannabis seeds pointy end up

Looking closely at a cannabis seed, you’ll notice that it’s more or less oval-shaped, with one end that’s pointy, from which the primary “taproot” will emerge, and the other end with a small “crater”, known as the crown. When germinating seeds using a starter plug, jiffy, rockwool or direct soil planting, there’s a fair amount of confusion and conflicting information around how to plant the seed. The debate generally centers around “pointy side up or down”. Some people get so confused about which way is up that they just plant seeds on their side and let each seed decide for itself how to grow, while others pay little attention to seed orientation.

In nature, wild cannabis seeds surely have an innate intelligence that gives them the best chance of survival. So, logic tells us that the pointy, taproot end should dig itself in and end up facing down. But the other side of the argument says that the crown end is heavier, and so it ends up facing down, with the pointy end directed upward. The taproot then emerges from the point and will habitually curve downwards. So, according to this argument, you should plant your seed pointy side up into your preferred growing medium, in order to prevent it from having to spend extra energy on creating a second, downward-oriented curve. However, many experienced growers will disagree and tell you to simply plant seeds pointing down. With that said, truthfully, chances are good that your seed (assuming it’s of reliable quality) will germinate and develop adequately regardless of which direction you choose. This is because seeds have an instinctive ability, whichever way you plant them, to determine which way is up and which way is down, and their taproots will figure this out and grow accordingly.

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Grumpy. Why does it seem that I "like" all of your posts and coincidently. or maybe not; my mother, wife, everyone has always said that I am grumpy?

Another common mistake, in this case when germinating in kitchen paper or similar, is to let the seed germinate until the cotyledons appear. If we do this, then the subsequent transplant is very difficult, and it is very likely that we’ll damage the root in the attempt. Additionally, the longer the root is exposed to air and light, the more damage will result, so it is preferable to transplant it before this occurs.

In our article on how to germinate cannabis seeds we explain step by step what you must do to achieve successful germination. Today we will take a look at the main mistakes made during this process, some simple errors that, as we will see, can easily be solved. Let’s see where many growers fail to germinate their seeds, it’s a great way to learn what not to do if we want to make the most of our seeds.

Leaving seeds to germinate for too long

Sean 2021-05-17
I had my seeds in the paper towel for 3 days. The tap-roots appeared(not out just showing a bit) and I planted them in the soil. 3 days have past and I haven't seen any progress. Is there a reason why this is happening?

Tim 2021-05-13
Hi, thanks for your contribution. Mandala Seeds give some helpful advice but they don’t have a monopoly on germination methods! In my 20 years germinating seeds I’ve tried all different methods and I’ve found good and bad in all of them. except for the methods using moist paper towels, I refuse to use it these days – I found that’s a great way to get mold problems and a really bad start to the plant’s life! That definitely is far too much humidity. as for ambient humidity, we don’t specify anything in this post. What we do say is that the medium in which the seeds are germinating should be at about 70% humidity for the best results. There’s nothing wrong with using a humidity dome or mini greenhouse, as long as you know when to start ventilating. of course if it’s kept sealed all the time then problems are bound to arise! These days I start all mine in a glass of water with a few drops of H202 and then once the seeds open (usually 24 hours) they get transferred to the substrate. As for the point down/point up debate, I think I’ll need to do a side-by-side comparison to settle this in my own mind. I’ve always planted them point downwards or on their side and I’ve yet to see any weird stuff like roots popping out of the surface, or doing a loop-the-loop before the seedling breaks the surface. But it’s clear that the debate needs to be settled so I’ll do an experiment and I’ll be happy to be proved wrong! EDIT: I’ve since germinated over 100 seeds as a test, 1/3 of them went in the soil with the point downwards, 1/3 sideways, and 1/3 with the point upwards. Most of the seedlings broke the surface at around the same time but it’s clear to see that the ones that I’m still waiting for are mostly those that went in with the point upwards. The next step has to be a test in a terrarium so I can actually see what’s going on but I’m almost ready to call complete BS on this “point upwards” theory, FWIW. Thanks again for your comment, all the best!

Although the germination of cannabis seeds is a relatively quick and easy process, it is crucial to take into account a series of important factors in order to obtain as high a germination rate as possible. In addition, it’s in our interest that the seeds germinate as quickly as possible, and especially if we want to avoid problems like fungal infection or a low germination rate.