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pure indica cannabis seeds

This is classified to be a hundred-percent pure Indica. This seed can turn into a small plant packed by its powerful punch. A lot of smokers enjoy it for its known therapeutic qualities. That is why they depend on it more.

The Pure Indica (fem seed) is very likable in the sense that it gives great relaxation. This is sourced out from the Afghani genotype. This Pure Indica fem seed is known for having a THC content level of about 13 to 17 percent. This is good for having fruity aroma and taste. This can give out its guaranteed results as promised.

Pure Indica is a strain with an amazing relaxing effect. You will be enveloped with a warm, fruity taste and aroma that will linger in your senses for a long period. It has moderate THC, but when taken in a potent dose, it can lead to a couchlock effect. It is easy to grow sativa that has bountiful yields.

Additional Information

This may seem quite a rare type, but this remains still a favorite for many smokers. This is due to the reason that it gives out a sense of floating. Their body can remain as glued to a couch enjoyable and delightful.

Great for Relaxation

This is just so relaxing and uplifting in the high it can bring. This exhibit Indica traits that are only visible in the hybrids.

Northern Lights x Big Bud is a pure Indica strain that boasts high yields and ease in maintenance. By Crossing Northern Lights with Big Bud, cannabis growers enjoy a short flowering time of 56 – 60 days.

If you want to grow this powerful strain, you can buy pure Indica seeds online on Dutch Seeds Shop website. This strain enjoys both indoor and outdoor settings and grows into a medium-sized plant. Black Domina pure Indica seeds thrive in a sunny and Mediterranean climate and have a short flowering 60 – 65 days.

Who doesn’t love having high-yielding plants in the field? Therefore, when looking for pure Indica seeds for sale, pay attention to the yields. You do not want to cultivate a strain that gives you low yields, barely lasting you a few weeks to a month.

Purple Kush

If you browse online, you will find that most of the strains with high THC levels are pure Indica cannabis seeds. So buy pure Indica seeds that meet your cannabinoid requirements and all your specifications.

Consider adding these Purple Kush seeds in your garden, as they contain all the great qualities of an Afghani-Kush. Purple Kush lineage comprises Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. It is the most potent pure Indica strain in this list as it boasts a THC content of 17 – 27% and low levels of CBD. This sweet and earthy flavored strain gives its users a relaxed and euphoric high that leaves you locked to your couch.

Below are some features to look out for:

Cannabis fanatics love experimenting, and no one can tell you how great it is to be the only one with a rare pure Indica genetic. Furthermore, who doesn’t love unique things? However, keep your personal preferences in mind while searching for that extraordinary breed of pure Indica seeds.

This collection has 100% pure cannabis seeds for sale, such as Mazar and Hindu Kush which are renowned for their heavenly terpene profiles, skunky aroma and sticky flowers. Among them, they share multiple prizes including the High Times Cannabis Cup – a testament to their quality and the sheer power of Pure Indica strains.

Indica strains are desired for these properties as they offer a whole host of benefits, including a high resin production which creates dense, green flowers with brightly coloured orange hairs coated in a layer of sticky trichomes. This gives rock-hard nuggets of cannabis, which are among some of the most prized in the industry. Here is more information on strains from this collection:

As we all know, cannabis primarily comes in two distinct forms: Indica and Sativa. These two are different in their terpene profiles, effect and appearance. The former can be described as a smaller, bushier plant with wider fan leaves, a shorter flowering period and buds that grow with apical dominance. To give you a taste of what Cannabis Indica has to offer, this collection has been created to stock only Pure Indica strains – each with powerful genetic lineages, including some landrace strains.

Why Buy Pure Indica Seeds?

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