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purple cannabis seeds for sale

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Looking to buy Purple Strain Seeds. In order for a cannabis to turn purple or blue etc, it needs to contain high levels of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are a group of around 400 water soluble pigments which, depending on the pH levels a plant is exposed to, will turn blue, purple, or red. Anthocyanins are present in a variety of plants and sweet fruits, including cannabis, eggplants, blueberries, red cabbage, and violets. They are also responsible for the color change in autumn leaves.

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ALL “Purple” Seeds

Purple cannabis seeds are known for being tantalising, in their colour, their effect and in the sensational fruity flavour they leave behind. From the highly popular Dutch Passion Purple which is known for its long lasting, flavoursome effect, through to the devastating power of the Purple Wreck, there are purple cannabis seeds for everyone to enjoy, and they are all here on this page. For relaxing purple weed seeds, opt for a strain based on Blueberry genetics which will mellow you out and take away the pain and stress of the day. For medical marijuana, the Purple Kush is never far from the top spot. Or for something with a bit more get up and go opt for strains like the Purple Haze that have a Sativa strength to set you free. Purple strains of marijuana seeds aren't the easiest to grow, so it is worth choosing a strain that has been specifically designed for beginners if this is your first time growing purple weed. But for cannabis connoisseurs, purple marijuana seeds are a must have addition to any well-developed collection and are always on the shopping list of the most knowledgeable cultivators. Take a look below and make your choice. When you shop at the Original Seeds Store, you can't go wrong.

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The bright coloring of purple weed alone does not affect the cannabinoid profile of the plant. Rather, it speaks to the fact that the parents of the purple cannabis variety come from a region with a rather harsh and changeable climate, where they were forced to produce potent resin in order to withstand strong winds, excessive sunlight, parasite attacks, and dramatic temperature fluctuations. Consequently, varieties originally grown in areas where the climate is harsh have a very strong effect. Just think of some pure Indica landraces, or hybrids based on them, to get an idea of just how potent purple marijuana seeds can be!

Purple weed is perhaps one of the most impressive and sought-after cannabis plant types. All of the purple cannabis seeds in this collection have one thing in common: heavy yields of brightly colored buds ranging from purple to green to blue. If you like cannabis strains with a little aesthetic appeal, you can easily pick a new favorite purple weed seed from the list below!

Purple Strains’ Seeds: How Strong is the Bud?

Okay, so you’ve already found some great purple weed seeds for sale. Now it would really help to know how to make the purple hues of your cannabis as intense as possible. Logically enough, to do this, a grower needs to enhance the plant’s production of anthocyanins.

Herbies offers a great selection of purp seeds for sale, all from reputable seedbanks only. Browse through the purple seeds in this collection, order your favorites, and enjoy all the benefits of ordering from us. Besides the purple weed seeds you order, you’ll also receive one or more free seeds depending on the size of your purchase. If you wish, they’ll all be delivered with our free stealth shipping option – no one is going to know what’s inside the package you’re receiving!

Both strains have excellent attributes, and toward the end of the flowering stage, their colors transform into varying degrees of purple. Moreover, you can always find a selection of Purple Kush seeds from different breeders in this collection, as well as Purple Skunk seeds known for their euphoric effects and flavors that blend sweet and savory. Basically, whatever cannabis your heart craves, whatever effects you’re looking for, you can find them here in gorgeous purple!