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The background of this plant comes from Brazil, India, and Afghanistan, hailing some of the strongest genetics in marijuana. It definitely gets its growth pattern from its indica genetics, as it remains quite short and stout. However, smoking this strain in large amounts will definitely bring out its sativa side.

White Rhino is a mostly indica cannabis hybrid that’s capable of producing a first-class harvest even in the hands of a novice grower. If you like White Widow but prefer a heavier, more relaxing stone, then we recommend White Rhino as a good option for you to buy. This strain boasts its genetics from a White Widow mother and a strong North Indian father. This strain is famous among medical marijuana growers because of its extremely high THC content.

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How to identify White Rhino

Growing this strain is recommended for those who don’t mind putting a little bit of hard work into a high-quality, high-yielding plant. It is excellent for those who live in ideal climates to grow marijuana because it thrives well outdoors. However, for those growing indoors, this plant stays quite short and compact. White Rhino requires an average flowering time of 55-70 days, after which you can be pleased with an extremely fat harvest. These White Rhino seeds are regular, meaning that you will grow both male and female plants.

If you like White Rhino we suggest trying out the White Widow because, well, White Widow is kind of the mother of the White Rhino! You will definitely notice the similarities in both and require similar attention to grow. We also recommend the Papaya strain for those who love White Rhino as it too is high in indica and produces quite a heavy yield.

Outdoor growers do need to be aware that these plants respond better to warmer weather and better still in areas where the growing season is long and relatively warm throughout.

White Rhino is a notably potent hybrid that shares its genetics with the iconic White Widow. It takes the very best that White Widow has to offer and adds in the extra benefit of some strong indica traits.

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It has been suggested by some growers that hydroponic methods are ideal for this strain, but many others also report equal success growing in soil and even growing outdoors.

The yield provided by these plants under favourable growing conditions is about 450g per square metre.

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Probably their most attractive aspect is that White Rhino seeds are feminised, making them simple to cultivate even for the most novice of growers.

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This was the final strain of the line, and definitely one of the best. We crossed our favourite smoke, the White Rhino, with a Hawaiian Snow especially chosen for its taste. A fantastic yielder with a knock out high and wonderful earthy/fruity taste.


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