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However, ILGM definitely doesn’t have the cheapest seeds.

ILGM has perfected a lot of things, one of them being customer service.

ILGM Pros 😃

To avoid frustration, give your bank a call and let them know that you’ll be making these purchases on your credit card ahead of time.

Along with learning about cannabis, now, you could buy seeds and fertilizers, too. This created a comprehensive seed-buying experience that ILoveGrowingMarijuana still thrives on today.

This Plant Booster is made to give your buds more developing time. This also helps the flowers become as potent and concentrated as possible.

They’re Sprouting Quickly So far, so good; I ordered 5 seeds, got them in 20 days, immediately placed them in moistened peat rings and within 3 days, they have sprouted. Sprouting in three days is really excellent and in my opinion, using the heating pad under the peat rings is the reason why. It’s simple to do and it will save you at least 3 days if not more. When I didn’t use a heating pad, seeds normally sprouted in around 7 days and many would take even longer.

Make It Rain With Chlorine-Free Water

So I went ahead and gave it a go at a second-order that was larger which included 5 AK-47 auto flower seeds, and again my products were delivered perfectly and the seeds/plants/weed were all awesome.


Be sure to check for moisture as the heating pad will dry your peat rings faster than normal. Do not let your seeds dry out during germination. I would love to hear your comments about your experiences buying weed seeds online. Use the comment box below. Use it for any questions you may have about growing too.

I use peat rings to germinate my seeds. At one time I would lay out the seeds on a paper towel and keep them moist until they popped, but all that does is add another touch (I like to touch/move plants as little as possible) because you have to put them in something after they sprout.

Keeping Up With The Seedlings

IMO, the best way to keep them moist after they are in the couple of inches tall range is using a spray bottle. I give a couple of light sprays three or four times per day. I’ll be transplanting them in a little larger pot in another day or two. I’ll start with my soil blend moistened with water mixed with my nutrient blend than spray them a few times each day with plain water for a while. I have well water and don’t have to worry about chlorine. I strongly suggest for city water users, fill your jugs with water and let them sit for a couple of days so the chlorine dissipates.

Nevertheless, they offer discreet delivery, and your package is unlikely to be flagged by customs.

Shipping is free to all US states – every day. And your order won’t likely have to go through customs thanks to ILGM’s US (California) warehouse.

This company also ships worldwide, which’s a bonus if you’re residing outside of the US or Australia – the only spots ILGM currently ships to.

Does ILGM Ship to Illegal States?

Heck, yeah – these are several you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Unfortunately, ILGM does not to Canada – ILGM only ships to the US (all states) and Australia, at least according to their website.

A good chunk of customers are satisfied with their purchases from ILGM seed bank – based on online reviews. This helps prove the reliability of the company, at least when it comes to delivery, seed quality, customer service, etc.

Of course, the ILGM customer desk is reliable, too.