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sage cannabis seeds

This plant does best in a SCROG setup with mostly organic nutrients. This particular clone is the one that gave S.A.G.E. it’s name in America. It should have a spot under legendary/clone only. Even Adam will tell you that, as he’s grateful for the publicity. This seed was given out before S.A.G.E. was released to the public.

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Strongest recommendation. GROW IT!

Map of the S.A.G.E. Family Tree

Properly grown FoCo S.A.G.E. is as good and strong as anything on Earth. The strain has been poorly grown in some areas and given a bad name. If you were to grow a high yielding 60 day strain, the S.A.G.E. will outyield it if picked then, but it will really pile on the weight after that.

15% Light headed

S.A.G.E seeds were given to my Brother by Adam in the late 90’s. I originally had 4 phenos. One was overly tall, two were medium with perfect structure, and one was actually a dwarf indica that resembled a small outdoor indica. I kept one of the medium phenos that smelled extremely pungent and skunky in veg. There was a situation where I had to leave a house and pick one clone.

We’ve collected strain info from 6 growers for S.A.G.E., check out the reviews about the indoor and outdoor grow here.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, the cream of the crop, this is the strain for you. Sage took second place in the blind test at the 2001 Cannabis Cup thanks to its 20% THC makeup — and that’s just the minimum amount. Some Sage strains contain doses of THC. If that sounds intimidating, rest assured that this is an uplifting high that will have you happy buzzing around town. Chances are you’ll probably get a lot of work done and be a very happy person.

Sage probably doesn’t mean what you think it does in this case. We’re not talking about the seasoning you keep in your kitchen cabinets. We’re talking about S.A.G.E marijuana seeds, which stand for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium. You can take a wild guess that this strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, making it a great daytime high when you still need to get work done and function like a normal human being. This strain is so well-balanced that it’s really perfect and fitting for any occasion. It’s a cross between Haze and a robust indica strain.

SAGE delivers a long-lasting and uplifting buzz that make it a winner amongst marijuana strains and competitions.


If you’re the type of person who is always on the go and doesn’t have time to smoke in the middle of the day, this is the strain for you! The effects of Sage last a long time. It may be enough to smoke Sage marijuana seeds once a day to feel buzzing until about dinnertime. This strain is considered one of the best out there, so you really can’t lose.

It has a spicy sandalwood flavor and long lasting uplifting high.

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The name says it all – Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium. It’s s well balanced Haze crossed with a robust Indica that produces a power packed plant with over 20% THC.

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