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seed bank australia review

Let’s review ILGM on different parameters and see if it satisfy every grower’s needs!

I Love Growing Marijuana is a strong supporter of the medicinal use of marijuana. They sell some of the best medical strains to help you ease the disease.

Seeds Collection

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Why am I saying this?

Being “Australia’s official cannabis seed supplier” and “Australia’s only legitimate seed bank” are only a couple of claims that Australian Seed Bank makes on their website.

Overall, it just really gave me a shady feeling that they redirect you to an entirely different website.

Is Australian Seed Bank Safe?

They explain that they have been in business for over 18 years which would be shocking considering the lack of reviews on them.

Australian Seed Bank is probably safe to buy from, however, it’s no totally clear how legitimate they are.

On their website, they claim that “Your privacy is our Number One concern. Please feel safe browsing our online catalog.”

Dinkum Seeds also has a decent reputation but only does a few different skunk strains.

If you dont want to take the risk of importing seeds from overseas there are a few local breeders now.

Not from Australia myself, but Oregon Elite Seeds does international shipping, no cc option ATM but Toby is a stand up dude and all orders come through. Great freebies with all orders over 100$. And you can even talk to his buddy @deeproots74 , he might be able to help you out.


Didnt know about that Bonza buddy system I might look into that, even though ive heard multiple reports of them not sending original beans.

Southern Star Seeds has a pretty good reputation.

bro you been a member since 2009 & are asking this question now?

bro you been a member since 2009 & are asking this question now?