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Mary Janes Garden Seeds prides itself on maintaining quality in their day by day transactions with clients. All their seeds are carefully inspected, so these are always high quality, guaranteed faster germination, and growing. Many growers and breeders prefer this Canadian seed bank because of the following reasons.

Mary Janes Garden has all kinds of cannabis seeds. Here you’ll buy regular, feminized, autoflowering cannabis and high CBD strains. You will also find landrace strains, popular strains, and recreational strains.

Gorilla Mint Feminized Marijuana Seeds

For good quality, fresh, and very potent seeds, check out Mary Janes Garden. This is a seed bank located in Canada with a wide range of marijuana strains and seeds to offer. Mary Janes Garden has been around for many years serving not just local customers but also growers and marijuana enthusiasts all over the world.

Get ready for the following top cannabis strains from Mary Janes Garden this year

Mary Janes Garden has one of the highest germination rates online as long as you follow their strict germination guidelines. Their germination guide can be found on their official website. is not responsible for the misuse or illegal use according to the law of each country regarding the traded products. Our online store complies with UK law.

Auto Mary Jane is a Feminized and Auto Flowering strain created by breeding

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First class seedbank
First class seedbank, I ordered on wed morning and the seeds were in my hand by fri UK. will definitely be ordering again

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Seeds come quick
seeds come real quick got free cheese seed to
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Reputable seed banks like Mary Jane’s Garden offer a selection of payment methods for customers’ convenience. They accept all major credit cards, Bitcoin, and wire transfer.

Mary Jane’s Garden is the perfect example of a marijuana seed bank that relies on experience and good customer relationships. They have built a reputation throughout the whole cannabis industry because of their high-quality marijuana seeds and highly successful delivery rates. Let us take a closer look at how Mary Jane’s Garden came to be.

Mary Jane’s Garden is popular as the fastest shipper of cannabis seeds throughout the world. They process orders and transactions with a variety of time zones to be able to ship orders the same day.

Delivery Options

Mary Jane’s Garden was first established in 2003. During this time, they had tried their best to provide marijuana seeds and products to customers found in Canada. It was quite difficult to operate under stringent policies regarding the use and consumption of marijuana. However, their operations did not begin to fully start since the early parts of 2012. This is because marijuana laws and regulations started becoming less and less strict as compared to before.

Some of their best-sellers include premium strains such as:

Have you ever had trouble finding the right marijuana seed bank to purchase from? Many times, people often find it hard to pick the right seed bank which they think would give the best value for their money. And quite honestly, this is perfectly normal as there are hundreds of marijuana seed banks to choose from. But what makes a reputable seed bank? Well, one can observe Mary Jane’s Garden for an idea about what good seed banks feature.

They also have great choices for medical patients who wish to use medical marijuana. With a guarantee of high germination rates and the ability to ship worldwide, it comes as no surprise that this seed bank has maintained being one of the best seed banks in the world today.