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shop titans seeds guide

Workers help you craft the items. Head to the character menu and tap on the worker avatar to check his ability to craft specific items. For example – Wallace(Blacksmith) crafts gears in the shop. You can hire workers from the city. Tap the city button at the bottom -> you will see some people willing to get a job at you. Tap the hire option -> spend the gold or diamonds to hire. If you don’t have enough, sell and earn until you save that much amount.

In the Shop Titans game, you need a research scroll to unlock a new item(once you complete the requirements). You can obtain it by raising the level of one of your items. Now, how to level up an item? It’s pretty easy to figure out; go to crafting menu again -> at the bottom of the item icon, you can check the number of times you need to craft that item to reach the next level. For example; If it’s 5/8. Then it means, you need to craft it 3 more times to reach the next level.

Learn About The Workers In Shop Titans⇓

There is a different way of leveling up for each type of character. Let’s learn about all: –

Heroes and Champions – Send these characters on the quests and they will gain experience points. Their level will increase once they hit the XP cap on the current level. To track the level progress, head to the characters menu -> tap the character -> under its name -> check level bar.

You can send the champions on the quests. And you need champion coins to hire a champion. Now and then, special characters visit your shop – you must serve them nicely to get their champion shards/points. For example; To unlock Lilu, you need 25 Lilu points. These champions visit the shop randomly; so make sure to pay attention to every customer and try to fulfill their needs at any cost.

Questions in the title. I’m just wondering if it’s better to put them on Champions or heros? And how many of each seed people put on different classes.. just generally how to use them correctly 😅 I have about 40 of each saved up so I figured it’s time to spend them

Definitely champions. I haven't heard anything concrete about how to handle it. I just bolster weaknesses. So like defense and hp on the mage and ninja. (I'm bad with names, sorry.) Attack on the knight and barbarian.

I wouldn't invest in any heroes until lv 54 at least. And even then, make sure that it's got some good skills. There's a good chance that you'll retire the first round or three of heroes before you get ones good enough to keep

Upgrading heroes can be done in multiple ways. To begin with, these characters gain XP when they complete an expedition, but only if they are still alive by the end of it. Secondly, you can use gear that you have crafted in the store or bought from the market in order to equip your heroes. This does not only improve their stats, damage, and survivability, but it also allows them to use better versions of their skills.

Each hero has a specific skill and a preferred element. Our mage, for example, uses Fire as an element, which means that if we equip her with enough Fire items, she can use a better version of her skill. Additional abilities are unlocked as the hero levels up.

Although the tutorial will introduce you to some of the characters in Shop Titans, it won’t let you know how to best use these NPCs, who to upgrade first, and who to avoid altogether. Especially in the case of heroes, you have to know which classes are best before you invest in their upgrades. To help you out, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to all types of characters in ST.


As a rule of thumb, many players prefer to use several Sorcerers (unlocked at level 32) due to their very high attack rating. Our advice, however, is to prioritize Rogue-type heroes such as Thieves (for the early-game), Wanderers (unlocked at level 35), and Ninjas (unlocked at 50). Although these heroes have less attack, their excellent crit rating ensures that your party has a higher chance to complete an expedition successfully.

In Shop Titans, you work together with other characters (NPCs) to keep your store supplied and ready for businesses. From other townsfolk who craft items for you to a few select champions and about a dozen heroes, you need NPCs to perform different tasks so that you have the necessary resources and stock at your disposal.

Argon is the only champion who joins you by default, while all other characters in this list can only be summoned once you have collected enough of their “coins”. To collect coins for a certain champion, you must wait for them to arrive at your shop and place an order for multiple items of their preferred type. Once you complete the order, you’ll gain a fair amount of Energy and up to 3 coins.

Initially, you have a single hero slot, but you can purchase additional ones with gold as soon as you meet the level requirements. As your player level advances, you unlock new classes, although these tend to fit into the three main categories described above. Regardless of the class, the primary use of heroes is to accompany champions on expeditions and gather special resources.