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single cannabis seeds

Check out the huge selection of cannabis seeds here in our single cannabis seed shop

Single Seeds is proud to offer you premium cannabis seed connections. If you’re tired in only being able to buy a 10 pack or bulk cannabis seeds of 100, 500 or 1000, then you’ve come to the right seed bank.

Pick and Mix Cannabis Seeds 1 Seed at a Time

Welcome to the Single Seeds cannabis seed shop. Buy a single cannabis seeds for as many strains as you please. Single Marijuana Seeds come 1 piece per seed pack, or pick and mix whatever single marijuana strains you like.

We ship globally but our main sales are single seeds USA. Canada and Australia are also our largest customers. We have single feminized seeds for our American customers. Down under they call them Feminised Single Seeds. Other popular strains sold in a single pack of 1 are our autoflowering cannabis seeds. Buy your cannabis seeds one seed at a time. Pick and mix all your favorite single seed strains.

Starting at: £ 5.99

Mon – Fri: 10am – 5pm

Starting at: £ 2.99

Auto Gelato #33 Feminised Seeds

Starting at: £ 7.99

Starting at: £ 9.99

Starting at: £ 6.49

Starting at: £ 7.99

We were so happy to get back OG Rascals whitefire also known as Wi-Fi . The only thing that it ever lacked was a bit of flavour we worked with it before and abs.

Crazy Haze Cannabis Seeds is a fantastic new strain by Archive Seedbank. Designed to be big and heavy, Crazy Haze was created by crossing not two, but three OMG.

Forbidden Runtz Auto – FastBuds

The mother of all high scoring genetics, the tangerine was used for this perfect blend. Fresh lime and mandarine with the fruit cocktail of the purple punch giv.

Banana kush, our most recommended medicinal variety, is a very fast finishing girl which produces huge dense cola’s of THC laden bud with an intense aroma and t.

The new MelonSicle Feminized Cannabis Seeds by T.H.Seeds is part of the new Bastards Line, getting its namesake for its hard-hitting heady high. MelonSicle is a.