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single feminized cannabis seeds

Our large stock includes many Cannabis Cup Winners & seeds from the most popular seed banks.

Starting at: £ 5.99

Starting at: £ 6.49


Starting at: £ 5.99

Starting at: £ 7.99

Perfect for anyone wanting to try something new without breaking the bank.

Starting at: £ 5.99

Welcome to the Single Seeds cannabis seed shop. Buy a single cannabis seeds for as many strains as you please. Single Marijuana Seeds come 1 piece per seed pack, or pick and mix whatever single marijuana strains you like.

Check out the huge selection of cannabis seeds here in our single cannabis seed shop

Single Seeds is proud to offer you premium cannabis seed connections. If you’re tired in only being able to buy a 10 pack or bulk cannabis seeds of 100, 500 or 1000, then you’ve come to the right seed bank.

Pick and Mix Cannabis Seeds 1 Seed at a Time

We ship globally but our main sales are single seeds USA. Canada and Australia are also our largest customers. We have single feminized seeds for our American customers. Down under they call them Feminised Single Seeds. Other popular strains sold in a single pack of 1 are our autoflowering cannabis seeds. Buy your cannabis seeds one seed at a time. Pick and mix all your favorite single seed strains.

One of the original ‘Old School’ strains, Northern Lights, is available as single cannabis seed purchases from a wide number of celebrated and respected seed banks and companies. Northern Lights is a fast flowering Indica hybrid, perfect for the indoor grower, producing a stable, high quality cannabis, time after time.

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With a wide selection of Diesel single Cannabis seeds for sale many growers choose a selection from a variety of companies and select the best strain from this purchase. Diesel seeds offer exceptional taste and qualirty, commanding some of the top prices is the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Amsterdam Coffee shops.

One of the best things about growing Skunk single cannabis seeds is that the category incorporates a wide range of tastes and has been used as the parent for many subsequent seeds and strains. The UK famous “Cheese” was a Skunk#1 seed originally sold from Sensi Seeds Bank. Find all the Skunk single Cannabis seeds…….. HERE

Northern Lights Single Cannabis Seeds

Colorful displays can be seen when growing Northern Lights, especially if you grow a variety of strains and crosses from a number of respected producers. Short, squat plants, perfect for both Sea-Of-Green and Screen-Of-Green growing techniques. Often the preferred choice for indoor growing. Find Northern Lights single cannabis seeds…. HERE

Big Bud single cannabis seeds are one of the best selling varieties for the outdoor grower. Offering huge yields of high quality buds, many growers test the strains with single cannabis seed purchase, before returning to place larger orders. Big Bud strains are great fro cash-croppers, yielding large harvests in reasonable times.

Highly medicinal and valued for both their CBD and THC content, White seeds offer some of the strongest cannabis available. White Widow began the revolution into hybrid indoor cannabis seeds and became the basic foundations of many future seeds and strains from a wide number of breeders.

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When you purchase any single cannabis seeds on-line you need to be sure that the company you are ordering from sell fresh, genuine seeds from the real seed companies. We recommend The Original Sensible Seeds Company, with over 20 years experience selling genuine seeds, they are the very best. Find AK Single Cannabis seeds….. HERE