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strawberry cannabis seeds

The lineage of this weed is not clear-cut and endeavors to discover her ancestry have been pointless without cutting edge hereditary testing. Regardless, numerous raisers utilize the strain to make hybrids because of the attractive characteristics it possesses.

This strain can thrive both inside and out whenever given an ideal spot to develop. Raisers can expect 110 grams for each square foot in a contained setting and a similar yield for every plant when grown in the open-air planting.


Nobody is certain on the precise amount of indica that is in the weed, however, specialists do trust it is a sativa dominant strain. With THC levels averaging from 12% to 18%, both amateur and veterans can appreciate Strawberry Fem. It offers a cerebral, uplifting energetic high that is sufficiently delicate to not daze clients.

If you have ever walked through a strawberry field full of ripe red berries you can attest to the fact that it is the most pleasant assault on all of your senses. In Roman times, the fruit was associated with the goddess Venus and offerings of the fruit were made at her temples. The humble strawberry symbolizes purity and sensuality, fertility and abundance, humility, and modesty. From their smell, appearance, and sweet taste, the brilliant ruby gems are irresistible! The equivalent can be said for its namesake cannabis strain, Strawberry Fem. Smokers who simply need to chill over a scrumptious treat have found this fruity strain is a beauty. A staple in numerous Dutch cafés and grow rooms, it also has tolerably high THC levels for an ensured high.

Planting Strawberry Fem strain weed seeds is an incredible decision for yearning producers. The plant flourishes both inside and outside. Growing it inside offers a short flowering period and de-livers a better than average measure of yield. With such generous outcomes from this strain, it makes producers question why they didn’t attempt to grow this natural wonder sooner. With a magnificent and wonderful fragrance and sweet fruity flavor, Strawberry Fem is cherished by all who have raised her. Recreational and clinical cannabis networks seek this fruity gal out for the delicate and positive high she consistently delivers. Producers appreciate raising this simple to develop strain and enjoy the bragging rights that follow the production of this magnificent cannabis assortment.

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Sativa strong Strawberry Cannabis seeds are a great way to add a sweet, juicy flavour to your smoke whilst enjoying the most sublime uplifting effect. Whether you buy cannabis seeds from a trusted brand, or opt for one of the new names at Original Seeds Store, every seed will reach you in the best condition so that you can grow some beautiful plants. High THC and stress relieving qualities in Strawberry weed seeds make this strain ideal for anyone suffering from anxiety. While connoisseurs go crazy for the delicious taste. It's a seed that brings relief to everyone. On this page it's Strawberry fields forever!

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Plant Strawberry Fields marijuana seeds in your therapeutic garden and you’ll be singing the praises of the breeders come harvest time – remarkable in effect, the stand-out feature of this indica-dominant hybrid is its mouthwateringly juicy fragrance and flavor: are you biting into a fresh strawberry? Strawberry Fields is arguably the next best thing.

The effects of Strawberry Fields are slow to start. First, a creeping euphoria and thorough sense of happiness, followed by a serious case of the munchies. What comes next is a super-heavy body stone that may even put you to sleep, so you’ll want to have snacks ready to go before hand. Strawberry Fields is popular among recreational consumers, and with anywhere between 18% and 24% THC, it’s easy to see why. But medical users have found the fruity delicious strain to be beneficial for relief from stress and anxiety, insomnia, and to bring back their appetite.


If the THC content of indica-dominant Strawberry Fields marijuana doesn’t entice you (it averages between 18% and 24%) the flavor of freshly picked strawberries should win over the most hardened critic.

Anyone can grow Strawberry Fields marijuana seeds, a fact that adds to the fruity strain’s overall appeal. It is a distinctly indica plant, with naturally short stalks and thick branches, strong enough to maintain the weight of heavy, trichome-covered buds. Indoors, Strawberry Fields will be ready for harvest after an average flowering period of 7 to 9 weeks, producing a moderate yield of sweet, fragrant bud.