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sugar black rose cannabis seeds

Altogether we’ve collected 16 user comments about Delicious Seeds’ Sugar Black Rose. Here you find the 8 english user comments, for the ones in the other langues please click here: spanish (1) or german (7).

Will Grow again! this time I understand the plant and I hope to achieve awesome results.

Aroma / Smell

Darker colored leaves. Short plant lots of branches and leafy. 2 600 HID, 1 600 HPS for veg and flower

She is ready to harvest around 10. october (46NL, Central Europe)

Kann ich nur empfehlen.

2nd Prize Pro Rosin – 4PlantsCup – Canada 2020 (Devils Farmer)

2nd Prize Flores Interior – Copa Feria de la Costa – Uruguay 2019

3º premio outdoor Copa asociacion MF

3º Premio Hash Ice – Canarias Secret Cup 2015 (Flore de Canaria)

1º BHO – Asociaciones – GreenSkull – Cantabria – 2016

2º premio indoor, best indica strain, canarias cannabis cup 2012

2nd Prize Outdoor Professional – V Cannabis Cup Castellon – Spain 2020 (Miki 5 Sentidos)

This feminized marijuana strain thrives very well both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, the plant produces dense light green buds packed with trichomes. Indoor grown plants are usually short, bushy, and characterized with dark large leaves. Sugar Black Rose is an excellent option for growers who want to obtain better yields within a short time.

Sugar Black Rose is a noble strain that is sought after due to its deliciousness. As its name suggests, its aroma and flavor profile is sweet, but with a dark side. The strain tastes like fully ripened grapes, with skunky hints leaving a pungent and sweet trail. The aromas are likewise sweet and skunky.

Sugar Black Rose is a feminized cannabis strain by Delicious Seeds that is undoubtedly one of the most potent and tasty cannabis plants around. This high yielder is famous for its dense buds that emanate a sweet, citrusy fragrance. Add it to a very high THC content rating and you get an instant uplift with strong and long-lasting euphoric effects, one that is great for the weekends.

Sugar Black Rose: Heavy Yields And Potent Buds

This feminized cannabis variety is highly prized for her heavy hitting high. With a very high 25% THC content rating, the so-called “lady in black” produces a narcotic effect that puts users in a state of deep relaxation. As a result, she helps to combat a range of ailments, including stress, depressive moods, and muscle tension.

The highly valued and genetically strong Sugar Black Rose was developed by crossing Critical Mass and Black Domina. These are two great strains in their own right, with Critical Mass giving Sugar Black Rose its massive buds and big THC rating. Meanwhile, Black Domina makes Sugar Black Rose a very powerful feminized cannabis strain and they are both highly sedative.