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the best way to sell weed

Selling your homegrown weed to a dispensary is a great goal, but it is a lofty one. Generally, only growers who have been at it for years are going to pass the test. It will be years or perhaps decades before you are that good. You’ve got to start somewhere, though!

How much money you could make depends on how much you are willing to sell at a time. If you sell a lot of weed to a variety of different people, you stand to make a pretty good chunk of change. The smaller amounts like grams and eighths tend to be more often priced higher than their street value. That is why, naturally, you’d want to sell more of these units, with the occasional quarter. Don’t sell ounces or half ounces until your operation has grown to the point where you are carrying a few ounces. You won’t make any money selling an ounce at a time to people. Save that for the big dogs. Selling large quantities of weed is a great way to get caught, and remember you’re not going to pay off your growing equipment in jail !

Grow Year Round

How do I sell my Weed to Dispensaries?

The thing is, dispensaries will only buy the best bud , so if you want to be able to sell the fruits of your labor to them, you need to get your grow game in gear. This does not only mean that you have to learn how to grow more and better quality pot. Selling cannabis to dispensaries is a highly regulated process, and as such, there are a lot of hoops to jump through.

The goal of most home growers who aren’t growing for personal use should be to grow enough high-quality weed that you can sell your product to dispensaries. The medical and recreational dispensaries that dot the land are the biggest buyers these days, so this is where you stand to make the most money .

Lastly, but certainly not least, you will need the goods to sell. There are many ways that you can find weed to sell, such as from a dispensary, or another dealer. Of course, you can always cut out the middleman and grow your own!

So, how are you supposed to make any money? Offer your customers choices. Grow a decent mid-grade strain and a top-quality strain of perhaps a purple color . Have something that most people would be willing to pay more for. This way, you earn a reputation not only as a good weed dealer, but one with the best quality bud with the prettiest colors too!

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I know alot about herb but not about this sorta business I accept the danger and jail time involved in this so i don’t need to be reminded.

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A few weeks ago I lost my job, plus I gatta study and go to school so my schedule wasn’t really flexible. I know the dealer I buy my goods from also grows it indoor and even makes new strains by cross breeding, so I know I have a hook up their. But my problem is I don’t know where to start like:

then again, his dealer was freaking out of his mind..

I’ve been smoking weed for 2 years now, I started smoking regs and then moved on to some grade A if not B+ grade weed. People have told me they’ve smoked the same strain but not as strong as mine, so I know I’m smoking fire stuff.

If you’re only selling to friends (remember commandment #6, if you are) you’ll never be able to expand your business to any major extent. If you’re out cruising colleges (when you’re not a student), mall food courts or parks (good luck with that one!), you’re running a probably-unacceptable level of risk and are unlikely to develop a regular base of customers.

“The customer is always right” is a great mantra for retail stores and service businesses, but it applies here as well. If a buyer has the potential to be a regular customer (or already is one), go out of your way to make sure he or she is satisfied. That’s how you grow your business: keep customers happy, and there’s a good chance you’ll get lots of referrals from them.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t supply friends; they might be the first customers you have when you’re starting your business. What it means is that the dirtiest word any dealer can hear is “credit.” Even when your friends try to run up a tab be aware that there’s a very good chance that if you agree, you’ end up losing the money, the friends, or both.

7. Thou Shalt Develop a Reliable Customer Base

You’re also not going to make a decent profit if you’re paying close-to-retail for your weed and reselling it. As in any business, the way to make money by reselling products is to buy in bulk at lower prices, and that requires a decent bankroll to invest. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck slinging eighths and dime bags – until you decide that you never should have quit that day job after all.

Slow your roll. You may not be able to handle a major increase in volume, either in terms of storing and packaging it, or in terms of having enough customers for it. In most cases, doing volume like that requires a network of dealers under you; that’s an entirely different business model that you shouldn’t just jump into without a lot of experience and preparation. It’s also exponentially increasing your level of risk.

Every successful business does market research. Why should your weed business be any different?

Additionally, you may have a hard time finding a supplier willing to sell you 20 or 50 pounds of pot (in any form). They’re running a big risk doing that sort of business with you, and will want to know and trust you completely before they’ll put their own, bigger business on the line to sell you huge quantities of flower.