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the vault cannabis seed store

They also accept all major currencies via money order or just cash envelope . We would recommend everyone to use Bitcoin to pay seed bank as it is the safest and most anonymous way to pay for marijuana.

They even have extreme THC strains along with high CBD-loaded strains as well. Even if you are searching for some of the rarest strains in the world, we are sure you will find it here.

You can buy marijuana-related merchandise in their shop as well.

Payment options

The vault cannabis seeds store seed bank have their offices in both Scotland and Spain . You can contact them on their email or their phone numbers for the UK and the USA . Alternatively, they even have a support forum on their website, which can be used to contact them.

This best seed bank in Europe is one of the best places to buy high-quality marijuana seeds.

There are more than 100 breeders connected with the vault cannabis seed store; all of them are selected after checking them and their seeds for high quality.

They have thousands of marijuana strains available in their store. All of these strains are sourced from some of the best breeders in the world.

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store is listed as "green" at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank.

I tried orders with seedsman they denied receiving my visa payment but my bank said they have robbed me of 350 bucks seed city gave wrong bank transfer details but said they were correct.So ordered at the vault bank transfer NOT ONE PROBLEM and Cameron is a true champ gave me a few extra beans on top of my freebies a pleasure to deal with.Excelent communication and theres no bullshit involved.I didnt use them 1st up because they couldnt do visa payment at the moment and the other could but ripped me off.The vault is the only shop I will use in future.Cameron and the crew Thank you very much from down under.

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The Vault and its staff are truly the friends of the grower community. Every question I had was answered promptly and honestly. I would recommend The Vault and their product to everyone. Great Products, Great Service 10 Stars.
Neil B

Contacted customer service with some questions, told I was in good hands and less than 2 weeks had my seeds.Further day and looking at sprouting seeds, very happy and will continue to shop there.

Had issue with royal mail,
Long story short the guys after contacting them were excellent and professionally

If you’d like to see what our customers say about us, you don’t have to look far: Check out our Facebook reviews, take a peek at some independant website reviews, or scope out all the threads about us on cannabis counter-culture communities, like GrassCity and Rollitup as well as tons more. A picture will soon form – of a company that always takes the time to help its customers, which shows respect to the community and that puts the customer first.

fantastic customer service. fast delivery. great quality.

• Fact #1: The Vault is committed to giving away more FREE seeds than any other seedbank
• Fact #2: You’ll get FREE premium-quality seeds with EVERY order at The Vault
• Fact #3: We run the very best promos and giveaways in the industry

Always fast delivery and a pleasure to…

Very good , fast delivery only thing wrong was never got emailed when my items were sent ..

Would be great if you would take credit cards from US customers

Thank you for the review buddy, it is appreciated.

This is the message that customers will see on the confirmation screen: