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the vault cannabis seeds

Contacted customer service with some questions, told I was in good hands and less than 2 weeks had my seeds.Further day and looking at sprouting seeds, very happy and will continue to shop there.

I tried orders with seedsman they denied receiving my visa payment but my bank said they have robbed me of 350 bucks seed city gave wrong bank transfer details but said they were correct.So ordered at the vault bank transfer NOT ONE PROBLEM and Cameron is a true champ gave me a few extra beans on top of my freebies a pleasure to deal with.Excelent communication and theres no bullshit involved.I didnt use them 1st up because they couldnt do visa payment at the moment and the other could but ripped me off.The vault is the only shop I will use in future.Cameron and the crew Thank you very much from down under.

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store is listed as "green" at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank.

guest Australia, May 2019

The Vault is in a league of its own.
I purchased via three different seed banks when covid locked down NZ in March ’20, first one to arrive – the Vault. Reorder in September and in less than 10 days of ordering the package is stealthy delivered. Not only provide the best range, with the best prices and the best specials but have the best stealth packing system. awesome team, legends!

great people my favorite seed bank

Excellent service and viable seeds quick delivery

Everything fine except the most important part-seeds. Out of 9 seeds only 1 germinated.Im not new in this business so be careful what company You chose.

The Vault is a seedbank that cares about its customers: But dont just take our word for it

Visit The Vault Cannabis Seeds Website by (clicking Here)

Visit The Vault Cannabis Seeds Website by (clicking here)

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store is widely recognised as one of the finest seedbanks in Europe (Or anywhere on the planet, for that matter!) for a number of key reasons. Let us break it down for you, buddy:

The Vault has achieved legendary status in the cannabis seed world and has built up a whole legion of loyal, die-hard fans that really love the way that they take care of them.

Fanatical customer service

Led by company founders Jack and George, their customer service team is widely acknowledged as the best in the industry: Why? Because as a Vault customer, you can be sure that well always go the extra mile to make sure that you are looked after, with no exceptions.

About The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

The Vault do ship worldwide but urge all customers to please do check their local laws and to follow them.

The Vault are 100% discreet, 100% legal and 100% secure

They have a fanatical customer support team who are contactable by email, phone, post, live chat, social media, and via a contact form on their website and they have a huge presence on all the major cannabis seeds forums where they actively support the wider cannabis community.

Throughout the world there is different levels of legality, for example in the USA quite a few states have legalised medical or recreational cannabis use or in some places both! However it is still illegal at a federal level so it’s complicated.