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top pot seed banks

Illegal states (which criminalize marijuana) generally do allow the sale of seeds. Click Here to check your state’s stance on seeds. Though the general legality of purchasing cannabis seeds tends to differ from one state to another.

Marijuana seeds have a complicated relationship with the law. Finding reliable seed banks that ship to the USA can be daunting because of this murky legal area.

5 Best Seed Banks that Ship to the USA


Another consideration is the payment option you choose and how it’ll be charged. If your goal is to stay way under the radar, you might find that bitcoin is the most encrypted currency form plus it’s virtually untraceable. Numerous top cannabis seed banks are actually offering a discount if you’re paying in bitcoin. Alternatively, you can pay via credit card since credit card purchases are insured and better protected in case something goes awry.


3. Gorilla Seeds

Their website’s filters allow for easy navigation and will find you a strain that perfectly matches your expectations.

1. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – Best Overall Seedbank that ships to the US for free

Gorilla Seeds ( is a UK-based seed bank that ships to the USA and worldwide. United States customers have a dedicated team available to take calls in case of any mishaps or answer general purchasing questions about feminized strains.

Now when it came to the actual growing of the ordered strain seeds, we followed their grow guide and we were thrilled to get 19.3 ounces/sqm indoors and 26.6 ounces/sqm outdoors.As for payments, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds supports cryptocurrencies which will allow you to save 10% off the regular price. You can also pay for these feminized weed seeds using cash, credit cards, banks, and SEPA transfers.

Dedicated phone support

The shipping guarantee (available only for premium shipping with tracking and insurance) covers the rare event of confiscation but requires photo proof of the undeliverable package. If you’re nervous about your package getting seized, MJ Seeds can offer you a comforting hand and replacement seeds when you need them.

The Canadian-based cannabis seed bank company even has 200 physical stores in Canada, making it a successful enterprise you can count on, and one fully protected from USA laws, despite easy shipping to and from your home state.

12. Attitude Seeds – Best Price Match for Quality Cannabis Seeds

We are a team of marijuana/CBD/delta8 researchers who also know a thing or two about growing outdoor marijuana in Oregon, the U.S. Utopia of cannabis!

Depending on the company, you may be offered a host of payment options, from credit cards (the preferred method) or cryptocurrency, which is also preferred and sometimes comes with a discount on prices. A few companies will work with checks, or e-checks, or even Paypal.

The company sells feminized and auto-flower seeds, which have the highest rate of success, even if you’re not an expert grower. ILGM offers best-sellers of high THC strains or high CBD strains, seeds for beginners, grow kits, MJ fertilizer, and seed variety packs.