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true og cannabis seeds

True OG is an Indica dominant strain known for its high-yielding potential and out of this world THC content that reaches as high as 27%. This is truly the OG cannabis that everyone is looking for. Strong and potent, this sought after weed can now be grown with ease in its feminized form. With the help of science, this Indica leaning strain can now be germinated even by beginners of the trade.

True OG is a feminized strain ideal for growing potent weed with high yields. It has very high THC content at 27%, which is what most recreational strains look for. It is an indica strain that will improve your creativity, enhance euphoria, and will uplift your feelings. But it should be taken in moderation unless you want to suffer couchlock effects.

A True Powerhouse

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Even though it is Indica by nature, its effects are taken from its Sativa roots. Creative, euphoric, and uplifting, the strain features a wide variety of effects that help keep the bad vibes away. The high THC content might not be for newbies, but it certainly won’t keep them away from this almighty strain. It is highly advised that everyone should take this herb in moderation or suffer from its adverse effects.

Speaking of effects, this skunky pine smelling and citrus tasting strain is generally favored by the medical community due to its high THC level, which concentrates its efforts in relieving pain as well as fend off depression, PTSD, anxiety, and insomnia.

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Dan S. – April 14, 2019

True OG marijuana is one of the most potent marijuana strains in the market today. The high potency levels made the strain emerge second in the High Times Indica Medical Cannabis Cup in 2010. Marijuana enthusiasts revere it for its potency, flavor, and aroma, which are second to none to other strains in the market. A combination of the three factors gives True OG seeds the x-factor, increasing their high demand. Without further ado, let’s get in to understand the strain better.

Final Thoughts on True OG Seeds

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In the recent past, medics have been mobilizing marijuana growers to prioritize True OG seeds due to the strain’s health benefits. The medical benefits partly explain why the demand for True OG seeds for sale keeps skyrocketing every day.

True OG cannabis seeds are easy to grow and can germinate indoors and outdoors to give you optimal yields. When you cultivate True OG weed indoors, you should expect a yield between 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft² (400 – 500 g/m²) on average, which is relatively high. On the other hand, when you grow the same strain outdoors, you should expect an average of 21 oz (600 gr) per plant as the yield.

When taking True OG weed, you must be prepared for cottonmouth. The condition occurs due to inadequate production of saliva by the salivary glands. The Cottonmouth effect is characterized by dry mouth, itchy eyes, and throat. The severity of cottonmouth depends on the users’ tolerance to THC and amount of marijuana intake.

The Kush family has been famous for assisting with maladies of all sorts and, with two Medical Cannabis Cup wins under its belt, you better believe this one will too!

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Another one borne of the OG Kush river is Legend OG, a 70/30 designed to set you free from all worries.

Adverse Reactions

Instantly uplifting, this weed should help the depressed and downtrodden, with an up to 30% THC content, this green is guaranteed to knock out anyone who can’t sleep. It is likely to ease the debilitating nature of torturous and tormenting tremors, and seizures and takes the edge off chronic pains of all kinds. Its anti-inflammatory properties give the nervous system a well-deserved break as a new and rejuvenating tranquility takes over. With True OG Fem strain seeds, you can grow yourself a medicinal garden, set to ease your troubles year-round.

Mold and mildew is always a concern with buds like these, so keep the RH at around 40-50% until mid-flower, then drop to around 18-21%. Temperatures should remain at 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout, and ventilation should be assisted through the use of as many fans as it takes to keep the air always moving.

No matter how good one strain sounds, there may be another strain with many of the same qualities but more suited to your palate. We hope that these few members of the Kush family will inspire you to find out for yourself which one works best!

Make sure she’s got lots of light, and a well-aerated growing medium. She will do well in either soil or hydroponic setups, but in soil the flavors and aromas will be enhanced. Also, this one benefits from healthy doses of calcium and magnesium to really get those buds working for you.