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The fine line of all this data is an indication that India is not quite enforcing the Law over the usage of marijuana. The government should just legalize it, tax it, and earn profit from a population of 1.3 billion people.

Therefore, technically, you can still buy weed online in India as long as it’s the seeds. And we will show you a way to buy cannabis weed seeds in India.

Technically, Bhang is a drink that is consumed in India, but more on that later on.

What are the advantages of legalizing marijuana in India?

Somewhere around the 50s and 60s , the USA started its fight against narcotic drugs and pushed around a whole lot of countries to ban and criminalize all of the narcotic products.

But wait, let’s talk about the history that is not thousands of years old but more recent. Portuguese botanist, when he visited India around 1510 or after, wrote about how Indian people use marijuana in their daily lives.

So, what changed?

This was the first time when India decided that they are going to criminalize marijuana usage. In 1961, although not wanting to ban marijuana, the Indian government decided to ban some parts of the cannabis plant to release the pressure from the USA.

Charas Marijuana seed is an Indica marijuana for growing indoors but is also good grown outside in warmer climates than Northern Europe.

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Beginner Seeds

Charas Weed Seeds

An easy and predictable plant to grow indoors, the strain produces a very good harvest of 450 grams per plant, usually in October, t after a 9 week flowering period.

With a small Growing to a height of 70 cm, it is perfect for a specialty crop in an indoor grow room with a limited space.

When growing marijuana seeds in India, you must be careful of:

The “Bombay Prohibition (BP) Act”, 1949, forbids the production, ownership, and intake of bhang and bhang-containing substances without a legal license. Under the NDPS Act, the cultivation, possession, and distribution of cannabis flower and its resin are considered illegal. However, marijuana leaves and seeds are permitted and free to use publicly without any repercussions. Any individual in India caught possessing the illegal part of the cannabis plant will be subjected to the full extent of the law.

Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in India

Here’s our recommendation of the two best cannabis seed banks that ship to India:

Once your cannabis seeds arrive from an online seed bank — wait until your garden is fully operational to sprout the seeds.

It would also allow for spiritualists and puritans to peruse their religious practices and continue to seek the spiritual freedom they desire. The legalization and decriminalization of weed would also allow for medicinal use, which would greatly benefit unwell patients and ease illness symptoms and side effects from treatment.