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weed buying guide

You can also get a quarter of an ounce (¼ or 7 grams), a half ounce (½ or 14 grams) or, a full ounce (28 grams). The more you buy the cheaper the price, so think of it as a bulk discount.

For lower quality bud, you can expect to pay between $150-220 an ounce. For top shelf marijuana, you’re looking at prices ranging from $240-$280. Private reserve kush will range over $280+ an ounce.

How much weight is a gram of weed?

The price of a dub is often refer to as any $20 bag of marijuana—the actual quantity that you receive thus depending on the market value of cannabis in your region.

The gram is your base unit of measurement when it comes to buying marijuana. A single gram is enough for a few joints (depending on how you roll) or one or two moderate blunts.

As of now, most state with marijuana legalization allows up to one ounce of marijuana on hand.

So you’re going to get some weed. Hooray! But wait…how much should you get? How many joints would that be? How much will that jar or bag of buds cost? How much does the average person consume per day, anyway? All reasonable questions, which we’re here to answer.

Also known as a zip, an ounce of cannabis typically costs between $100 and $300+.

Gram or 8th: Buying Weed Samples

If you like having different strains on hand – like Sativa in the morning and indica in the evening and maybe even some Raw Hemp Flower or CBD Kief (for varied effects) – this quantity is perfect for keeping a good-sized stash on hand without going overboard. Minor price breaks can sometimes be seen at a quarter (depending on the specific dispensary or caregiver), but don’t expect them. Note that price breaks refer to the price per gram as opposed to the total cost.

If you’re new to a strain, a gram or an eighth (3.5 grams, an 8 th of an ounce) will make a perfect test sample (Read our article on the normal weights to buy Cannabis).

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Start low & go slow. Everybody’s different. Each person responds to marijuana differently. Factors like body weight, metabolism, experience, and tolerance can impact how quickly and how long you feel the effects of marijuana.

Drops & Tinctures

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