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If you are a beginner at buying marijuana seeds, sometimes you would be confused about where to get them. Well, the option would be buying from seed banks. However, when you search for seed banks online, you can get thousands of options. That is how you end up with more confusion. Buy Amnesia – Amazon Haze Auto (R Kiem Seeds) online, free seeds with all orders. Fast, discreet, secure, worldwide delivery from Discreet Seeds Can you buy cannabis seeds on Amazon If you have thought about purchasing cannabis seeds online, you may have thought about using Amazon to do so. There are a few factors to take into

Weed Seeds Amazon

If you are a beginner at buying marijuana seeds, sometimes you would be confused about where to get them. Well, the option would be buying from seed banks. However, when you search for seed banks online, you can get thousands of options. That is how you end up with more confusion.

Do not worry as this is the guide for you to help identify marijuana seeds for sale online. These are also the best seed banks that can ship to the US. As such, even if you buy your seeds from a company in Europe, Canada, or any other place, you can still get the seeds shipped to your location in the states.

Editor’s Choice

  • High-quality marijuana strains
  • A wide range of strains
  • A highly reputable company

Top 10 Marijuana Seeds for Sale in USA 2021

    – Best for Wide Range of Strains – Best Seed Bank Overall – Best for Fast Shipping Times – Best for Low Prices – Best for Worldwide Delivery

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1. Marijuana-Seeds.NL – Best for Wide Range of Strains

  • Fasting shipping to different countries
  • Offers affordable prices for the seeds
  • You can get free seeds on orders
  • It offers high-quality seeds
  • It could use more customer support options
  • Stealth shipping can be too expensive for some

MSNL has been around since 1999. This shows that the company has enough experience to come up with some of the best-feminized cannabis seeds among other types.

The company had humble beginnings in the UK, but right now it has grown to be a top place where you want to buy cannabis seeds. Like other seed banks online, this one also has several strains to consider. Most people like it because it has over 200 strains that they can buy.

Whether you are buying the white widow strain or any other type, you will also like the seed quality. Considering one of the founders is a geneticist, it is easy to see that the seed bank will offer a germination guarantee on its seeds.

The company still works closely with top breeders in the country to make sure that marijuana growers can access high-quality seeds.

One other thing is that the customer service is also great. Since many customers have positive things to say about it and get a good review at Observer and River Fronttime, you can safely order from the brand’s website and even pay with bitcoin.

2. I Love Growing Marijuana – Best Seed Bank Overall

  • The customer support is great
  • Guaranteed fast delivery
  • Has a VIP program
  • Impressive germination rate
  • The seeds are quite expensive
  • Does not ship to the UK

ILGM is easily the top-rated cannabis seed bank in the world. This is because of its reputation plus the experience of the founder, Robert Bergman. Well, Robert Bergman has over 25 years of experience in the cannabis sector, so it is expected that his seeds would also be great.

The company has over 70 strains available. Even if you are looking for a specific marijuana strain, it should not be hard to get from the company. Benzinga and SFGate had selected ILGM as an editor’s choice, you can see another review piece from that website.

ILGM also boasts of having beginner marijuana seeds. As such, this is where you can also get seeds that would be easy to grow. The last thing anyone wants is to be discouraged when you are just beginning as a cannabis grower.

Buyers also like that the seed bank offers feminized cannabis seeds and auto-flowering plants. This can assure you that you will buy the best strains that can also grow better.

If you decide to buy one of its strains, you can simply place your order through the official website. It is not hard at all and the company accepts several forms of making payments including bitcoin.

3. Crop King Seeds

  • The seeds are high-quality
  • You get an 80% guarantee on germination
  • Worldwide shipping is available
  • A huge selection of seed strains are available
  • Its seeds are expensive
  • It does not offer free seeds on orders

Crop King Seeds focuses mostly on creating high-quality seeds. Even if it is not the oldest company in the sector, you will be happy with its reach. The company has over 100 spots that sell its seeds to different buyers worldwide. Such a reach also means you can always receive the seeds faster.

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So far, the company’s overall seed quality is the best. This is because it offers 80% germination guarantee on its seeds. Even if you pick white widow or girl scout cookies extreme, these strains are likely to germinate easily. That is how it has managed to become a top seed bank for cannabis seeds.

In case you want more information about the various feminized seeds the company offers, look at its official website. You should get a detailed description of the seeds to help you learn more about them before ordering.

Some feel customer service is one place the company could improve. Other than that, the shipping method and also options for making payments are many to help you get your seeds faster.

4. Seedsman

  • Impressive strain selection
  • Offers multiple promotions
  • It offers growers high-quality seeds
  • Discrete packaging is available
  • The support team is average
  • Some feel the shipping could be faster

Some people refer to Seedsman as the Amazon alternative for cannabis seeds. This is because it has a huge selection of cannabis strains that you have ever wanted. The best part is that unlike some other seed banks online, you can get a wide range of promotions and freebies too.

The company does not earn the title for having the largest inventory of seeds all for nothing. This is because you can get up to 4400 different marijuana strains from this company. So, you can be sure to get beginner seeds, feminized seeds, and every other strain you have always wanted.

The website is also one thing the manufacturer got right. Growers can sort the strain based on their growth characteristics, type of strain, plant cultivating methods, and so much more.

As for the shipping method, that should not worry you much. Once you place an order, the total cost will be quickly calculated so that you can proceed with the payment.

5. Quebec Cannabis Seeds

  • The brand has 15 years of experience
  • It is a highly reputable company
  • It has affordable prices
  • It offers promotions more often
  • It could use more payment options
  • You cannot get free shipping with the company

The team at Quebec Cannabis Seeds company has run the company successfully for 15 years now. All this time, you can buy marijuana seeds with ease considering the website design is simple. Once you have found the strain you like, simply place an order and wait for it to be shipped.

The company boasts of offering some of the best germination guarantee options in the industry. Since its guarantee is at 80%, even the beginner seeds will do well. This is because the seed bank takes the seeds through a rigorous testing routine to make them live up to your needs for the seeds.

Maybe you want feminized seeds, that should not be a problem getting them. This is because growers can buy different strains from the company. Such can include the famous white widow strain.

One other thing that will excite many people is that you can pay with bitcoin in addition to other common payment options in the market. So, if you want to maintain your anonymity when buying seeds online, that is possible too.

6. Herbies Seeds

  • The company offers worldwide shipping
  • Stealth option is available
  • Many options for making payments
  • Good variety for strain inventory
  • The seeds are not hand-selected
  • Cash payments are not allowed

For the last 20 years, Herbies Seeds has been a top choice for growers to get their cannabis seeds. It is because of such an experience, it is easy to expect that the company would be among the best seed banks online.

Right now, the seed bank has over 800,000 clients from different parts of the world. As such, you too can buy seeds online from this one company and get high-quality seed strains all the time.

Talking of strains, you can get options such as white widow, blueberry autoflower, gorilla glue, and so much more. The auto flowers types of seeds are the most liked because they will be easy to care for compared to some other plants.

Whenever you access the website for more information, there is a live chat window that pops up. This is great to help you get in touch with the support team. As such, they can be able to answer your questions on the seeds before you can place your order.

The company accepts payments in many forms. People can now buy cannabis seeds online using bitcoin transfer. That is something many will welcome.

7. Weed Seeds Express

  • Discreet delivery is possible
  • It has many promotions and discounts
  • The website is easy to use
  • Worldwide shipping is possible
  • Not many reviews are available
  • Shipping can be expensive

Weed Seeds Express might be new to the industry, but it does feature some of the best germination guarantee rates compared to other companies. The rate is up to 90%, making it one of the top options in the market. As such, the growers would buy it knowing it is the best choice for them.

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As for the number of seed varieties, the company offers over 100 options. These varieties would have different price points so that you can pick the one you find will be the best for your application. You can also sort the seeds online based on their potencies and cultivation levels.

The experts at the company do a proper check on the seeds to make sure they are the best. So, if you opt for auto-flowering seeds, you can be sure that is what you are getting. Also, the tests are done randomly to ensure the breeders can maintain quality throughout their batches.

You can say that the company has fairly priced seeds. This also applies to its shipping options once the company receives your order. With more promotions available, you could still save some money on the seeds.

8. Paradise Seeds

  • The seeds quality is premium
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • Discreet shipping is available
  • Customer support is great
  • The shipping range is limited
  • Seed selection is limited

If you are looking to buy the best cannabis seeds from a reputable brand, then Paradise Seeds can be a nice choice for you. Growers love it for having the best seeds with an impressive germination rate and THC concentration too. Yes, there are times you might want a strain with more THC content.

When other seed banks would hurriedly list strains without proper vetting, that is not what happens with this company. It takes its time to test the marijuana strains to ensure the resulting plants would also be of the required genetics.

Because of the rigorous vetting process, the company does not have many options. It is why its inventory has 40 strains only available. Nevertheless, they would be the best options for you to grow knowing they will do great.

Once you are ready to make purchases, you will notice the prices are not the cheapest. However, they are still competitive based on which strain you want.

The payment options include bitcoin, credit card, debit card, and more. You can still opt for stealth shipping once you have ordered the seeds.

9. Sensible Seeds

  • Can accept cash and bitcoin
  • Worldwide shipping
  • The seeds are affordable
  • It has over 3000 marijuana strains
  • No stealth shipping
  • The guarantee on germination is not listed

Sensible Seeds is a family-run business meaning they can get things done right most of the time. That is not a problem considering the company has a great reputation online to be among the top seed banks online.

The company is based in the UK, but it can still ship to different parts of the world. Due to its reputation and a high number of strain options, it has received many orders from around the world and fulfilled them on time too.

Sometimes it can be hard to get the cannabis seeds you want from other stores or reliable breeders. That is why you opt for such a seed bank. It has partnered with reputable breeders to collect over 3000 seed options for you to consider. As such, growers should always find the weed seeds they want.

The variety of seeds also means you can opt for those with higher THC, depending on your needs too.

The seeds are also within the affordable range. So, you can always end up with high-yielding plants even if you did not spend much.

To complete an order, you can do credit card purchases, pay through debit cards, or other methods listed on the website.

10. Gorilla Seeds

  • The strains are high-quality
  • Stealth shipping is possible
  • Free seeds for those who pay with bitcoin
  • Impressive selection of strains
  • Shipping is slow
  • It has no loyalty point program

Of course, the seedbanks list would not be complete if we did not include Gorilla Seeds. This company has quite the best reputation even though it has not been around for long. This is mostly because the company owns up to its mistakes and makes everything it does transparent.

The company has partnered with reputable breeders such as DinaFem, Bomb Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds, and more. As a result, the company can have an impressive collection of the best seeds. Many people like it for also having the highly sought-after seeds too.

The seed options include medical strains, auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, and so much more. So, the next time you want the best seeds, you know where to start looking.

If you ever need help, the support team is always available to help. The team will tell you more about making payments with debit cards or any other options available. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchases whether you are in the states or Europe.

Best Place to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online USA

Whether you are an amateur or an experienced grower, you should consider buying your cannabis seed strains from a reputable seed bank. These seed banks have made it possible to make bulk orders for the seeds you might need.

  • MSNL
  • ILGM
  • Crop King Seeds
  • Sensible Seeds
  • Herbies Seeds
  • Gorilla Seeds etc.
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How to Order Cannabis Seeds Online Safely

Once you have found the best seed banks, next is to place your order for the seeds to be delivered to the states. Start by going through the brand’s official website to find the seeds that you want. Depending on the website, you can always sort based on type, the cultivation methods, and many other options.

Now that you have found the strain that you want to order, go ahead and set up an account on the website and place an order. Most companies would have a straightforward purchasing process. So, you should mostly be good to do it on your own.

In case you face any challenges, contact the support team for more help.

Buying Marijuana Seeds – The Bottom Line

In case you had any trouble before identifying the best seed banks, you should have that sorted by now. The list above is a comprehensive look at the top options as seed banks so that you can get the best marijuana strains all the time.

Always check to see if the company ships to the US. This will help you end up with a brand that can get your seeds delivered to your location with ease. Of course, reputation is also important. Do not settle for less always.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it cheap to buy seeds online?

It will depend on the company and the strain you pick. If the strain is exclusive, expect it to cost a lot more.

2. Are online seed banks reputable?

Most are. However, you still have to do more research on a company before buying from it. If there are any complaints, you should opt for others.

3. How long does it take to receive the seeds?

If the company invests in fast shipping, you should receive your seeds faster. So look at the estimates the company gives on shipping times to get an idea.

4. Is there a money-back guarantee on the seeds?

Most seed banks would offer a money-back guarantee. This is to help the customers have more confidence in the company and the seeds they are buying.

5. What can I do with loyalty program points?

Depending on the company policy, you can exchange them for seeds at some point. So, it is best to keep growing them.

Amnesia – Amazon Haze Auto Cannabis Seeds

Specs for Amnesia – Amazon Haze Auto Cannabis Seeds by R Kiem Seeds

Genetics: Hybrid 100% Amnesia
Indica/Sativa: 75% Sativa/25% Indica
CBD: 1%

Buy Amnesia – Amazon Haze Auto (R Kiem Seeds) from Discreet Seeds today. With a great range of seeds, amazing customer service and a 5* TrustPilot rating, what’s not to love.

If there’s anything you can’t find on our website, including any questions you may have for Amnesia – Amazon Haze Auto (R Kiem Seeds), just get in touch!

Can you buy cannabis seeds on Amazon

If you have thought about purchasing cannabis seeds online, you may have thought about using Amazon to do so. There are a few factors to take into consideration, this may include whether it’s legal or illegal to buy and sell cannabis seeds on Amazon, where else you can legally purchase seeds, and also how to ensure you buy the best quality cannabis seeds, most suited to your needs.

Are Cannabis seeds sold on Amazon?

Although it seems like Amazon is the go to marketplace for almost anything, they do not currently sell cannabis seeds or cannabis products. Amazon also does not sell CBD products, as the site prohibits the sale of any product that contains a controlled substance. On occasion, a person may list one of these products and even get a few sales, but once the Amazon staff find the listing it will be closed down and the seller’s account will be banned for life.

Is it legal for Amazon to sell Cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds are legal to buy and possess in many countries and states, however, Amazon must work within federal laws. The federal law states that it is illegal to sell and germinate cannabis seeds.

Amazon’s policy states that they do not sell any products containing a controlled substance. The federal law classes cannabis in any form as a controlled substance. Amazon will only start to sell cannabis seeds and related products if the federal laws change.

Where can you legally purchase cannabis seeds?

There are many reputable online seedbanks that can ship seeds worldwide, right here at Sticky seeds we have a variety of strains available. Our huge variety ensures that each customer can find the best strain for their preference.

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