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Restricted Cannabis Zone Guidelines An overview of the process creating a Restricted Cannabis Zone is below. For more detailed information, please see the Restricted Cannabis Zone Administrative Our chicago marijuana clones are bred by expert growers for medical patients in across Illinois. Order your cannabis clones today! SEED™ Our mission for SEED™ is to develop tangible pathways into the cannabis industry for communities impacted by the War on Drugs through our three pillars: restorative justice, community

Restricted Cannabis Zone Guidelines

An overview of the process creating a Restricted Cannabis Zone is below. For more detailed information, please see the Restricted Cannabis Zone Administrative Rules and the Illinois Compiled Statute, 410 ILCS 705/55-28.


The Illinois Compiled Statute has been amended to allow a legal voter to propose to restrict home cultivation, or one or more types of cannabis business establishments which include cultivation centers, craft growers, processing organizations, dispensing organizations, and transporting organizations, or both home cultivation and one or more cannabis business establishments from operating in that precinct. To be eligible, the individual seeking a Petition from the City Clerk must be a legally registered voter in the precinct the individual seeks to restrict.


A legal voter seeking to circulate a Petition to restrict home cultivation and/or one or more types of cannabis business establishments in a precinct (“Legal Voter”) must utilize the following steps:

(1) The Legal Voter must first submit a Notice of Intent Form IN PERSON to the City Hall Office of the City Clerk, along with proof of residency in the precinct. The Notice of Intent Form can be obtained in the City Hall office of the City Clerk, or downloaded here.

Upon receipt of a completed Notice of Intent Form, the City Clerk will post the Notice of Intent Form online and will provide the Legal Voter with a Petition. The Legal Voter may begin circulating the Petition the day the Notice of Intent Form is posted online – but not before. The Legal Voter will have 90 calendar days to circulate the Petition

(2) The completed Petition must be returned to City Hall. For a Petition to be valid and legally sufficient it must comply with all of the requirements listed in the Petition Guidelines that are attached to the Petition. The Petition must be completed no more than 90 days after the City Clerk posts the Notice of Intent Form.

(3) Upon the Petition’s completion and return to the City Hall Office of the City Clerk, the City Clerk will post the Petition online at www.chicityclerk.com/cannabis for a 30 day comment period. During the comment period the public may submit comments regarding the Petition. Comments may be submitted in person to the City Hall Office of the City Clerk, or to [email protected], and will be available for public inspection at the City Hall Office of the City Clerk.

During the 30-day comment period, the City Clerk will also review the submitted Petition for legal sufficiency. At the end of the 30-day comment period, the City Clerk will publicly post online its determination of whether the Petition is accepted as legally sufficient or rejected as legally insufficient. If the Petition is rejected as legally insufficient, the reasons for such rejection will also be posted online

(4) If the City Clerk determines that the Petition is legally sufficient and valid, the City Clerk will officially notify the Alderman of the affected ward.

The Alderman may then review the Petition, along with other relevant factors about the precinct identified in the Petition, such as its geography, density and character, the prevalence of residentially zoned property, current licensed cannabis business establishments in the precinct, the current amount of home cultivation in the precinct, and the prevailing viewpoint with regard to establishing a Restricted Cannabis Zone within the precinct.

Following such review, the Alderman may introduce in City Council an Ordinance that seeks to establish a Restricted Cannabis Zone.

(5) If the Ordinance is passed, the restriction identified in the Petition will take effect on the effective date of the Ordinance.


Cannabis Business Establishments” means a cultivation center, craft grower, processing organization, infusing organization, dispensing organization, or transporting organization pursuant to 410 ILCS 705/1-10.

“Circulator” means an Illinois legal voter who is at least 18 years of age or older and a citizen of the United States.

Dispensing Organization” means a facility operated by an organization or business that is licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to acquire cannabis from a cultivation center, craft grower, processing organization, or another dispensary for the purpose of selling or dispensing cannabis, cannabis-infused products, cannabis seeds, paraphernalia, or related supplies to purchasers or to qualified registered medical cannabis patients and caregivers.

Home Cultivation” means the growing of up to five (5) plants per household without a cultivation center or craft grower license, by an Illinois resident, who has resided in the State for a period of 30 days, is 21 years of age or older, and who is a registered qualifying patient under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act. 410 ILCS 705/10/5. Home cultivation is for the individual resident’s own consumption. Cannabis cultivation must take place in an enclosed, locked space not within public view and precautions must be taken by the resident to ensure the plants are secure from unauthorized access. Cannabis cultivation may only occur on residential property lawfully in the possession of the cultivator or with the specific consent of the owner of the property.

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Infuser Organization” means a facility operated by an organization or business that is licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture to directly incorporate cannabis or cannabis concentrate into a product formulation to produce a cannabis-infused product.

“Legal voter” means a person: (1) who is duly registered to vote in the City of Chicago; and (2) whose name appears on a poll list compiled by the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners since the last preceding election, regardless of whether the election was a primary, general or special election; and (3) who, at the relevant time, is a resident of the address in Chicago at which he or she is registered to vote; and (4) whose address, at the relevant time, is located in the precinct where such person seeks to circulate or to sign a petition, within the meaning of 410 ILCS 705/55-28 of the Illinois Compiled Statute, for an ordinance establishing that precinct as a restricted cannabis zone. As used in this definition, the term “relevant time” means at any time that: (i) a notice of intent is filed, pursuant to Section 705/55-28(c) of the Illinois Compiled Statute, to initiate the petition process under 410 ILCS 705/55-28 of the Illinois Compiled Statute, or (ii) the petition is circulated for signature in the applicable precinct; or (iii) the petition is signed by registered voters in the applicable precinct.

“Precinct” means the smallest constituent territory within the City of Chicago in which electors vote as a unit at the same polling place in any election governed by the Illinois Election Code.

Processing Organization” means a facility operated by an organization or business that is licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture to either extract constituent chemicals or compounds to produce cannabis concentrate or incorporate cannabis or cannabis concentrate into a product formulation to produce cannabis products.

Restricted Cannabis Zone” means a precinct for which an Ordinance has been passed restricting home cultivation, one or more types of cannabis business establishments which include cultivation centers, craft growers, processing organizations, infuser organization, dispensing organizations, and transporting organizations, or both home cultivation and one or more cannabis business establishments.

Transporting Organization” means an organization or business that is licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture to transport cannabis on behalf of a cannabis business establishment.

Chicago Marijuana Clones & Seeds

Looking for the best Chicago marijuana clones and seeds on the market?

Our feminized seeds and clones produce fantastic results to help you save money by growing your own cannabis in the comfort of your own home!

Contact us today or get on our waiting list for clones or seeds.

– Premium, Pheno Hunted Genetics

High THC Strains

– Shipped Securely With LED Lights

– 100% Break-Free Guarantee

High Yield Strains

Shipped With LEDs

Marijuana Clones Chicago | Top Sellers

We just launched our clone shipping program. Order today and we’ll ship your clones overnight so they’re in pristine condition when they arrive. We have a 6 clone minimum, and you can split it between multiple strains.

Update: Due to a huge surge in demand, it’s getting difficult to update the site as inventory changes and strains sell out. Please email [email protected] to receive an up to date list of availability and ordering instructions.

Gelato Clones

20% THC

Kush Mints Clones

24% THC

Fish Scale by Cookies

26% THC

Spritzer Clones

24% THC

Gorilla Butter Clones

24% THC

Hood Candy Clones

27% THC

After Dark by Purple City

32% THC

Rainbow Belts

24% THC

Glazed Apricot Gelato x Medellin

Cookies x Compound Collab

Clone Availability Request

Contact us today to get an updated list of available clones. We’ll send you our updated availability and ordering instructions via email. We can’t wait to help you with your grow! We have a 6 clone minimum or 8 teen minimum.

Best Selling Chicago Marijuana Seeds

We’ve brought our most popular marijuana seeds to growers in Illinois! Each of our strains is hand selected based on multiple factors like how easy they are to grow while providing fantastic yields.

They’re the perfect combination for new growers looking to save a ton of money by growing their own plants in Chicago and outlying areas.

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Super potent strain that is known for achieving over 25% THC!

Girl Scout Cookies

Indica Dominant Hybrid

This Cannabis Cup winner is a fan favorite from coast to coast!

Grand Daddy Purple

Indica Dominant Hybrid

This heavy yielding Indica packs a 25% THC punch.

A wildly popular cross of Sunset Sherbet & GSC.

Indica Dominant Hybrid

A super potent cross between Wedding Cake & Gelato.

Indica Dominant Hybrid

This unique cross between Zkittlez & Gelato packs a serious punch and tastes amazing!

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

A fovorite on the East Coast for decades with 25% THC!

Indica Dominant Hybrid

The most popular seeds we have with 30% THC levels!

What Makes Our Chicago Seeds & Clones Special?

Each of our high yield marijuana strains have been bred by cultivators with a combined 30 years of growing experience for large scale operations.

After years of rigorous strain crossing and testing, we’ve developed a number of truly unique strains that have the perfect balance between how easy they are to grow and high potency for a fantastic grow experience from start to finish.

Our award winning growers have now released some of their most-loved cannabis genetics for you to grow at home and produce big, potent buds!

If you are wanting to grow your own marijuana clones in Illinois, choose the best in Chicago by reaching out to us today or getting on our waiting list if we’re out of stock!

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Our strains are perfect for new and experienced growers alike.

In Demand Strains

Each of our Chicago marijuana seeds and clones are crosses of award winning strains, ensuring impeccable quality.

We’ll ship your seeds straight to your door and hand deliver plants if you can’t make it to our dispensary partners.

High Germination Rate

If you follow our process you can expect an 80% germination rate for our seeds!

Cannabis Plants Bred To Perfection

Our seeds and clones have been developed for years by grade A growers to ensure your plants grow strong and potent. All of our plants and seeds are bred at our facility in Illinois in sanitary conditions.

Take a look behind the scenes to see just how healthy our marijuana plants are and reach out today to place your order.

Take advantage of our new customer pricing and get strains that will knock your socks off!

“The clones I got from you guys are growing fast and strong. I’m pretty new to growing but everything is going great a few weeks in. Thank you!”

~ Bryan G., Chicago, IL

Who Are Our Marijuana Seeds & Clones Perfect For?

As you already know, it is now legal in Illinois for adult medical patients over the age of 21 to grow their own marijuana plants. It’s an exciting time for every recreational cannabis user in the Chicago and beyond!

People across Chicago and the surrounding areas are excited to finally try growing their own tasty medicine but it can feel a little overwhelming.

We’ve brought some of our easiest-to-grow strains to our customers in the Chicago area.

Our genetics are perfect for beginning growers looking to enjoy the experience of being a marijuana farmer and growing high yield plants that save them serious money!

Order your grow consultation today to get your free seeds or clones delivered to you and start your grower journey today!

Your team was really helpful in recommending the best seeds for my new grow tent. I’ve germinated the seeds with your strategy and the plants look really healthy. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Jennifer A., Clarendon Hills, IL

Questions About Our Chicago Cannabis Clones For Sale?

We know that growing for the first time can feel a little overwhelming. The seeds and clones we provide are suited specifically for beginning and intermediate growers, so you can feel confident you’ll have a successful grow. If you need advice or have questions about which marijuana clones or seeds would be best for your space, feel free to reach out below.

Chicago Marijuana Clones and Seeds FAQ

Here you’ll find a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers about our seeds and clones.

Do Illinois Dispensaries Sell Seeds?

Yes, a number of dispensaries likely sell seeds in the state of Illinois.

We are currently finalizing partnerships with a few select dispensaries to provide pickup locations for our clones.

Please sign up for our waitlist to be notified first when we restock.

Can You Buy Clones In Illinois?

Yes, you can grow up to 5 full sized cannabis plants at a time if you are a registered medical marijuana patient.

If you are not a registered medical marijuana patient, there can be hefty fines for cultivating your own marijuana at home.

Please follow all laws and regulations so you do not put yourself at risk. We understand many can get a little excited and want to double the legal allowance of plants, but don’t put yourself at risk. With autoflower seeds you can get up to 6 harvests a year, so just be patient.

What’s Better: Clones or Seeds?

It depends, but cannabis seeds do have a number of advantages over clones. Seeds can produce more clones than a plant that has already been cloned. Plants grown from seed typically are more pest resistant than clones, but if your clones are produced in a highly sanitary environment, you don’t need to worry very much.

Clones, on the other hand, do allow you to skip the first few weeks of germination and growing, which means you can cut down on the time it takes to get to your harvest.

At Chicago Seeds & Clones, we feel that clones are the best option for new growers because during the period of germination, the plants are extremely sensitive and more likely to die.

If you go the seed route, we do have a germination guide that can help you maximize your chances of success from seeds.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Free Seeds or Clones?

Once you finish your order for a grow consultation, you’ll add your shipping address. Depending on your location, we may ship your seeds or clones.

We are currently finalizing details for partnerships with dispensaries in the area to serve as a pickup location so you can simply drive up and get your clones or seeds.

If you want to follow us on social media, find us on the web here.

Do You Sell Marijuana Seeds & Clones?

No! We do not sell our marijuana seeds and clones. We offer consultation services and give seeds and clones for free with every consultation. Always follow the laws in your state to avoid prosecution.

Once you order a grow consultation, we’ll let you know where to pick up your seeds or clones, or ship them to your door.

How Good Are Your Chicago Marijuana Seeds?

Each of the genetics we offer have been tested and carefully bred to create seeds that are relatively easy to grow and also give high yields and top level potency.

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Each strain is a personal favorite of our expert breeders, ensuring you’ll have a great grow you’ll be proud of!

What Chicago Areas Do You Serve?

Although our name is Chicago Seeds and Clones, we actually serve the entire state of Illinois. We have happy customers in all of these areas below and beyond:

Chicago | Aurora | Joliet | Naperville | Rockford | Springfield | Peoria | Elgin | Champaign | Waukegan | Cicero | Bloomington | Arlington Heights | Evanston | Bollingbrook | Schaumberg | Decatur | Palatine | Skokie | Orland Park | Des Plains | Tinley Park | Oak Lawn | Berwyn | Normal | Mount Prospect | Glencoe | Northbrook| Northbrook | Wilmette | Western Springs | Winnetka | South Barrington | Hinsdale | Long Grove | Clarendon Hills | Buffalo Grove

We also service all of the Chicago communities listed below:

West Ridge | Uptown | Lincoln Square | North Center | Lake View | Lincoln Park | Near North Side | Edison Park | Norwood Park | Jefferson Park | Forest Glen | North Park | Albany Park | Portage Park | Irving Park | Dunning | Montclare | Belmont Cragin | Hermosa | Avondale | Logan Square | Humboldt Park | West Town | Austin | West Garfield Park | East Garfield Park | Near West Side | North Lawndale | South Lawndale | Lower West Side | Near South Side | Armour Square | Douglas | Oakland | Fuller Park | Grand Boulevard | Kenwood | Washington Park | Hyde Park | Woodlawn | South Shore | Chatham | Avalon Park | South Chicago | Burnside | Calumet Heights | Roseland | Pullman | South Deering | East Side | West Pullman | Riverdale | Hegewisch | Garfield Ridge | Archer Heights | Brighton Park | McKinley Park | Bridgeport | New City | West Elsdon | Gage Park | Clearing | West Lawn | Chicago Lawn | West Englewood | Englewood | Greater Grand Crossing | Ashburn | Auburn Gresham | Beverly | Washington Heights | Mount Greenwood | Morgan Park | O’Hare | Edgewater

Some of our favorite things to do in Chicago when we’re not working are hanging out at Navy Pier, getting some culture at the Art Institute of Chicago, or blazing and hanging out at Millenium Park!


Our mission for SEED™ is to develop tangible pathways into the cannabis industry for communities impacted by the War on Drugs through our three pillars: restorative justice, community business incubation, and education & workforce development.

Our vision:

Through SEED’s™ continued work, our vision is to repair the damage done by our nation’s drug policies, while serving as champions of change by molding an equitable and inclusive cannabis industry of the future.

Living SEED’s™ mission through our three pillars:

Restorative Justice

Through our restorative justice initiatives, we commit to elevating people whose lives have been impacted by the War on Drugs by working to remedy those harms. SEED’s™ restorative justice programming includes:
– Expungement Events
– Lobbying to progress and change the nation’s drug laws
– Working to ensure that no person remains in prison for a cannabis conviction

Community Business Incubator

The Community Business Incubator is designed to empower and jumpstart the creation of minority owned cannabis businesses. SEED™ provides both the technical and financial assistance necessary to apply, open and operate a cannabis business.

The Community Business Incubator serves entrepreneurs negatively impacted by the War on Drugs, who are interested in starting their own cannabis business or expanding their current business into the cannabis industry. SEED™ provides a two-phase incubator that offers key insights into technical application writing, operational knowledge and financial assistance to these entrepreneurs.

Education and Workforce Development

SEED’s™ Education and Workforce Development Pillar develops cannabis programming tailored to communities disproportionally impacted by the War on Drugs. This curriculum was designed to help individuals develop the skills needed to strategically and successfully enter the cannabis industry. SEED™ builds collaborative relationships with colleges and universities to develop course work to educate and prepare students for careers in the growing cannabis industry.

Cresco Labs staff serve on the Olive Harvey Cannabis Advisory Council, as adjunct faculty, and as a community partner. The SEED™ Initiative assisted Olive Harvey in developing Chicago’s first a Cannabis Specialist credit-bearing program.

Cresco Labs staff serves on the Moraine Valley curriculum committee and assisted with the development of their Retail Cannabis Retail Specialist Certificate.

2019/2020 Milestones & Achievements

  • Facilitated 22 restorative justice activations across Illinois, California and Pennsylvania
  • Contributed over 90 hours staffing expungement events
  • Helped provide expungement opportunities to over 1,000 individuals
  • Organized eight community and workforce development initiatives
  • Consulted and wrote curriculum with 5 universities and colleges
  • Supported 8 workforce development organizations
  • Organized 13 incubator events
  • Incubated businesses and a total of 255 individuals over Illinois’ two application periods
  • Volunteered 2,271 staff hours across every Cresco discipline to work with the incubator candidates

Learn more about our direct impact during 2019 and 2020 in SEED’s™ first Annual Report detailing these and other efforts dedicated to the program’s success.

Learn more about our direct impact in 2019 and 2020 in SEED’s first Annual Report detailing these and other efforts dedicated to the program’s success.

Cabrini Green Legal Aid

SEED™ partners with Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA) as part of a strong commitment to criminal justice reform and giving justice a voice. We were honored to be the 2020 recipient of their Bill Leslie Visionary award.

We provide funding to CGLA to help ensure that individuals with a criminal record as a result of the War on Drugs can get that record expunged.

We also help hundreds of individuals acquire their criminal history reports and create access to justice for individuals, families, and communities in the state of Illinois.

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