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Find the best quality weed seeds online at Weedseeds. You can buy cannabis genetics online at an affordable cost and get your order shipped immediately. Browse our website now!

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Hybrid strains offer the best of both worlds. A few varieties to try are:

Until recently, the legal status of cannabis in North America was straightforward: it was banned. Thankfully, all that is starting to change. Canada has already federally legalized marijuana use and sales, Mexico’s current president is considering following suit given the success that its far-northern neighbor has had with legalization, and 33 United States have legalized some form of marijuana consumption. Given these trends, experts believe that the legal cannabis market will reach a value of $35 billion by 2023.

Since Canada became the first North American country to legalize marijuana on a federal level in 2018, the nation’s lawmakers have quickly determined regulations for who can buy, sell, and grow marijuana. Across the country, adults are now allowed to cultivate their own marijuana for personal use. Each residence can grow up to four plants.

Popular Hybrid Strains

The laws regarding possession, use, and distribution of marijuana still vary substantially between countries, states, and provinces, but cannabis seeds are legal to buy and possess, at least in the United States, even where marijuana consumption is still illegal. When consumers purchase marijuana seeds without the intent to cultivate them, they are considered an adult novelty good. American adults over the age of 21 can legally purchase seeds online regardless of where they live.

Residents of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, California, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Michigan all allow adults over 21 to grow their own marijuana plants for recreational or medicinal use, although it’s important to note that each has different limits on how many plants a consumer can have at once. In Hawaii, Rhode Island, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, and Washington it is legal for those who have medical marijuana cards or their caregivers to grow cannabis plants at home. In the rest of the continental United States, growing marijuana remains a crime at the state level.

Sativa strains are known for making consumers feel more alert. They’re great for inspiring creativity as well as treating medical conditions. Here are a few popular varieties:

Feminized seeds are guaranteed to produce female plants. They are produced using a natural process known as Rodelization. Those who don’t know how to identify male plants or live in states with strict limits as to how many plants they can grow may want to purchase feminized seeds as a guarantee that all their plants will produce female plants and seedless flowers.