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where does the best weed come from

On top of California cannabis just being overall mind-blowing by the standards of many, there are a multitude of cutting-edge cannabis breeders and other related companies coming out of California, including Aficionado Seeds, Exotic Genetix, Brothers Grimm Seeds, Bodhi Seeds, The Source Genetics, Top Dawg Seeds, Crockett Family Farms, Swamp Boys Seeds and Gage Green Group, just to name a few.

A part of the famous “Emerald Triangle”, Humboldt County is widely recognized for its top-shelf marijuana being grown outdoors, which of course can only be cultivated during the season from April/May until the end of October, when weather conditions tend to take a massive turn. Humboldt County is seen as a region that is ideal climate-wise for producing amazing cannabis, and the weed that has hit the market from this area definitely lives up to its reputation.

The Emerald Triangle is made up of 3 counties in Northern California, including Humboldt County, Mendocino County and Trinity County. This is a region that is notorious for its top quality cannabis , and many individuals in this region are marijuana cultivators. Our research has exemplified that this area possibly possesses the best quality ganja, because not only is the practice of growing cannabis totally normal and widely accepted, it is essentially what fuels the economy of this region. Additionally, herb being supplied to dispensaries all over the US is derived from regions throughout the Emerald Triangle, which only adds to the concreteness of its top-shelf quality.

Humboldt County:

Even though it is challenging to make sense of who stands above the rest in regards to marijuana cultivation, in this article we will try to make sense of all the candidates and ultimately select a winner. You, of course, do not have to agree with us, but based off our carefully collected research, personal experience, and in depth analysis, you will be able to learn who we consider to be the best.

In addition to a generally positive attitude towards pot, Colorado is also home to a lot of popular and even famous seed banks and marijuana genetics breeders. Some names you may have heard of include The Farm (based out of Boulder), Colorado Seed Inc. (also based out of Boulder), The Bank Cannabis Genetics (based out of Denver), and 303 Seeds and Green Point Seeds (also based out of Denver). With so many seed banks and cutting-edge breeders, you can bet that the quality of the cannabis grown out of CO is really something special.

The Bay Area definitely has a much trickier climate than Southern California, but part of the year it is possible to cultivate the green even outside, although indoor growing methods are normally preferred, especially in this densely populated area that consists of many big cities and a high population of residents. Oakland, San Francisco, and Chico in particular are notorious for their top-quality Mary Jane, as well as the culture surrounding cannabis.

With sunshine almost all year and temperatures that do not typically reach any lower than 40 degrees farenheit, Southern California is a perfect place to grow cannabis, all year round.

While they are new to the legal weed scene, Colombia is no stranger to cannabis cultivation. They were once one of the major suppliers of green in the heyday of Black Market cannabis, but have since changed their tune with the recent legalization of medical cannabis. They now welcome cannabis tourism to their postcard-perfect beaches, sky-high mountaintops, and bustling cities.

Heralded as one of the very first nations to cultivate the cannabis that we know and love today, Afghanistan has been producing some of the most fire flower out there for centuries. Despite the fact that weed was made illegal in 1957, cannabis is a way of life for many citizens and the use of the plant is deeply rooted in the nation’s history.


While we may be a bit bias, the United States could very well be the top dog in cannabis when it comes to innovation. With states legalizing cannabis left and right, growers feel empowered to experiment in order to create some of the most mind-blowing cultivars in the world.

In recent years, the Netherlands has continued to hold its spot towards the top of the cannabis chain by producing unique takes on popular strains like Amnesia Haze and Hulkberry. They also host the annual Cannabis Cup that draws thousands of competitors and onlookers each year from all over the world. Combined with a welcoming environment, you’re guaranteed to find some good green in the Netherlands.

As cannabis legalization continues to stretch out into every corner of the globe, each nation is competing to produce the best flower out there — but who really has the highest quality buds?

Mexico is known for more than tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. In addition to all this yumminess comes yummy strains that hail from the Mexican highlands and countrysides. It would be impossible for the weed to be bad in a country where the word marihuana first originated.

We are in the era of mass-produced weed, and in a lot of ways, this is affecting the quality of the product in a negative way. However, there are a few exceptions to this, especially in countries where the quality of cannabis takes precedence over everything else.


The drug that Colombia is most commonly known for is another one, but this South American country actually has way more to offer in terms of marijuana. The climate and mountainous terrain are perfect for outdoor cannabis cultivation, and the Colombian government is much more progressive about cannabis legislation than in the past.

Average citizens can now order weed online and haven’t looked back. Websites such as Online Dispensary Guide review the top online dispensaries across Canada. Included are reviews for The Herb Approach, BMWO, Speed Greens, Healing Empire and others. Consumers have never had more access to high quality marijuana at affordable prices.

Traveling the world looking for the best marijuana isn’t something new. The fact that it’s legal in many parts of the world is great news for travelers. Weed is more accessible, affordable than ever before and the selection in many of the countries listed is literally mind blowing.