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where to buy crop king seeds

They have also cultivated more than 30 unique in-house strains over time they feature for sale. Despite offering over 40 strains, Crop King Seeds is investing in developing new strains and continuously expanding their line. Thanks to all 30+ of Crop King Seeds’s in-house strains, which cannot be found anywhere else, there are some higher-end, exclusive options that you can only get here, including medicinal varieties, high CBD strains, and regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds.

Outdoor strands thrive best in a natural habitat, and typically are very robust, and grow large. Ideal outdoor cannabis strains to grow from seed should be more resistant to environmental changes and extreme weather issues. Some of our favorite outdoor strains include Northern Lights, Critical Kush, and Blueberry.

1. Crop King Seeds – Editor’s Choice

Rocket often carries limited edition strains and new hybrids that you won’t find anywhere else, and both auto-flowering seeds and photoperiodic versions of the same strain. They also carry a lot of the most well-known strains, like Acapulco Gold and White Widow.

People also use other payment options including cash, although sending cash in the mail can be dangerous if you don’t use a reputable seed bank.

Can inside strains move outside, and vice versa? No. Outdoor cannabis strains can usually survive inside after making the switch, but it doesn’t work both ways. Cannabis strains that require indoor conditions typically needs to stay inside. And really, so long as your growing area is safe from major fluctuations in environmental conditions and under your control, you should be able to grow any type of cannabis seed.

These packaging will be delivered to you without needing to sign before you claim it. If you pay for these purchases using your credit card, debit card, or through bank transfers, the name of the seed bank company will not appear in your bill. Instead, a fake name will be placed to completely hide your activity.

Seed banks maintain their own policies in serving customers. They have the right to revoke entry if you don’t present an ID card, or they may also allow only a number of customers at a time. Children and teens are not allowed to enter, and loitering is not allowed inside and near the premises. Some may have an ATM inside the shop where you can make a withdrawal before you purchase your seeds. But you should also ask if debit cards or credit cards are allowed as a method of payment.

We will divide this tutorial into two: buying marijuana seeds locally and online. Many people are lucky enough to be able to buy cannabis from exactly where they are located. Growers who are from countries where cannabis is legal or regulated often have the privilege to procure seeds from a regulated seed bank or from other sources. But some are not as lucky as well.

All about stealth shipment

Where to buy marijuana seeds? Some local growers may choose to sell seeds to locals and to people that they know. If you know one in your area then you’re in luck. All you need to do is to contact the grower and arrange for a visit.

They may ship your seeds in different packaging and even inside items that are totally unrelated to cannabis to avoid suspicion. You’ll find seeds inside clocks, greeting cards, CD cases, and inside toys. Seeds are placed in protective wrapping first and are shipped carefully. Still, there are orders placed inside unmarked boxes with no recipient name, and there’s no indication that cannabis seeds are inside.

Some growers openly do this as it is hard for them to sell their products in a local shop or seed bank. However, some may not be as welcoming, so be ready for anything. And of course, as these growers are not seed banks, they may not have a large collection of seeds and strains. But of course, this is better than nothing.

But take note that quality must never be overlooked. Ask about the growing outcomes of people who have grown these seeds. Also, ask if the THC or CBD amounts were tested and if they could give some samples.

In 2021, this Canadian seed bank has climbed to the top of the pack. Read on for the full review of this unique seed bank!

They also have more than 100 physical retail stores selling their seeds across Canada, in addition to shipping worldwide from the main Crop King Seeds office in Vancouver, Canada. That is an impressive feat in the world of online seed banks! In reality, Crop King Seeds is in a different category from most other seed banks that sell almost exclusively through their websites. Crop King Seeds sets itself apart as an established business with real people behind it that you can meet face-to-face. That is a true rarity in the cannabis seed industry. In fact, Crop King was an established retail shop before they made the transition to online selling. Crop King Seeds proudly sells their products all over Canada, and people eagerly buy them from all over the world. This makes them a highly-recommended seed bank and source for all your growing needs.

Crop King Seeds Reputation

Taking a quick scroll through their product page, you can see that they have a little something for everyone. Whatever it is that you like, you’ll be able to find something that suits you at Crop King Seeds. And on the off chance that you don’t see anything that tickles your fancy, just keep checking back periodically because the grow experts at Crop King are constantly coming up with new strains to offer in their shop – but only after proper testing and quality assurance, of course.

Crop King Seeds – Sold in over 100 stores in Canada.

Since their inception, the team at Crop King Seeds has been dedicated to growing their business by offering unparalleled product and top-tier customer service. In addition to this, Crop King has become a source of constant innovation in the marijuana industry. Over the years, they’ve gone from a small seed-shop to a full-blown brand with a loyal base of dedicated customers.