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www gorilla cannabis seeds co uk review

Very friendly,sent emails from bank processing to mailing, kept well informed about my order. I ordered something that they just ran out of, offered me a same strain ( gave me 5 seeds when I only ordered 3. )for same price. will definitely buy from again. Good people. MGK

This is by far the worst seed bank that I have ever ordered from. I placed an order in excess of £100, and never received my order. When I contacted the Seedbank, they just told me "Sorry there is nothing we can do about it", and I just had to accept that my money is gone. Very unprofessional load of monkeys.

This was my first purchase & Im now a customer for life!! Extremely discreet shipping affordable prices make this a no brainer! Will recommend to everyone!!

guest United States, April 2016

Where to begin . I ordered 12 reg Kings Banner from Darkhorse genetics through gorilla $ 112.00 . When I ordered off their website I received a confirmation # quickly with instructions for payment . I sent out the funds the next day ,and after a couple of days I received a follow up email confirmation that they had received the funds , with a note stating they actually didnt have my product and they would take care of me with a replacement or try to sorce it out . At this point I started getting frustrated. I finally decided to pick a substitute Barneys farm Blue gelato 41 10 fem seeds $ 88.00 they got back to me stating they would send substitute seeds with a new invoice all of a sudden were repriced at $112.00 . They still advertise 10 fem Barneys farm for $ 88.00 . Yeah they were taking care of me alright. Still havent heard back about the $24.00 difference . I recieved the package today relieved , only to find out they only sent me 1 seed . Yep 1 seed $112.00 . At this point Im pretty frustrated , only to get a reply from customer associate ( Andy ) saying why didnt you say you wanted more than one ? Well because you sent me a revised receipt stating you were sending me 10 seeds , thats why . Oh lord . Absolutely horrible .

ordered online . Paid in cash . Then got got confirmation of funds received , with a note stating they actually didnt have my product , and had to sorce it out . Finally picked a Barneys Farm product. Havent received anything yet .

The gorilla really helped me out this new year fast delivery fresh seeds and amazing freebies on top of it all . The gorilla is legit ?

Horrible customer service. I am letting every message board know that they are a horrible company.

Knoji has 7 Gorilla Seedbank reviews and ratings as of August 9, 2021. Knoji editors and the Knoji shopper community have reviewed Gorilla Seedbank and compared it against 0 top brands, reviewing Gorilla Seedbank based on product and store features such as edible options, concentrate options and topical options. Knoji reviews and ranks and other dispensary stores based on how many features each offers and based on a 5-star rating scale. Based on these factors and 7 Gorilla Seedbank reviews, Gorilla Seedbank earns an overall score of 4.4 out of 5.0 points. Gorilla Seedbank offers 0 total features such as contact information, and . Gorilla Seedbank’s’s review score also factors in its popularity, which is in the mid-range to lower-range compared to competing .

Gorilla Seedbank ( ) is a smaller dispensary store which competes against other online dispensary stores like Eaze, Cigars International, Medterra CBD, DirectVapor and Famous Smoke Shop. Based on our in-depth Gorilla Seedbank review , when compared to its competitors, Gorilla Seedbank is a mid-range performing brand within its category. Read the full review below for more details.

Based on online research and 7 Gorilla Seedbank reviews, Gorilla Seedbank’s overall score is 4.4 out of 5 stars. Gorilla Seedbank’s review score is based on Gorilla Seedbank’s customer ratings, its brand popularity, its price competitiveness, as well as the breadth and quality of features it offers to customers. The Gorilla Seedbank review table below incorporates summarizes 7 Gorilla Seedbank ratings on 57 features such as edible options, concentrate options and topical options. You can also compare Gorilla Seedbank against popular alternatives like Eaze, Cigars International and Medterra CBD. or you can view the top 50 brands in similar categories, such as , and .

Gorilla Seedbank Review: Gorilla Seedbank Pros & Cons

Gorilla Seedbank’s strengths are:

Gorilla Seedbank currently has 2 active discount codes . You can view all Gorilla Seedbank’s coupon codes here

The Gorilla seed bank has a large seed collection with a wide variety of varieties. They offer the most common strains of cannabis up to the rarer ones. In general, you won’t be disappointed with the Gorilla seed bank’s seed collection.

In short, Gorilla seed bank is not an old company, but they have the qualities to become the best and prestigious seed bank. Although relatively new, they are a seed bank that offers a wide variety of seeds with high germination rates, including rare seeds.

Gorilla Seed Bank Review 2021

Europe and the Americas have many seed banks and growers have a wide selection of cannabis seeds for their gardens. However, not all seed banks are safe and legit to be comfortable investing.

In general, we value Gorilla seed bank with a high quality seed collection that stands out more than most other seed banks in the Americas and Europe. These seeds are carefully selected to provide the best customer experience.

They are available in many channels to give the best customer care, they also limit automatic questions when customers need help.